Sunday, 17 May 2020

Face masks and text Apps.

Google Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier to help deaf and hard ...Hard of hearing people and charities uniting with the deaf to complain about mask-wearing disadvantaging them, but not getting much sympathy with that.  

The AOHL charity asking users which app did they think is best? while deaf stating they want to lip-read via clear masks, despite them not being effective in stopping infection of Covid-19 or the majority of deaf not able to lip-read effectively if they did provide clear masks.

"I've 'Live Transcribe' best of the current bunch really but their detection of speech still gives errors and an accent is going to render it problematic.  You can use it with a remote microphone via Bluetooth, I find this is better than using the phone in-built microphone, as it means less interference from background noise.  Phones are concentrating on the camera at the expense of the audio it seems to me. 

Crystal clear videos and selfies but no idea what the people are saying, welcome to our world.  The problem as ever is the reluctance to develop a speech to text app as a NORM that works on ALL phones because of competition, but I would have thought the audio is universal to all anyway.   

AOHL should be putting the pressure on video app developers to ensure speech to text is a built-in norm.  

We've seen it easily done if you are a sign user so why are 10m people in this country just ignored?  

AOHL said it was going to campaign more, but it is following the BSL gravy train instead when up to recently less than 15% of their campaign-related to that area and they sold off deaf care and assistive technology sales as not worth it anymore. 

The reality is hard of hearing (Their core membership), haven't a campaign worth a s.h.i.t  lets face it, or support for one. 

The mask issues and lip-reading thing, does not address the chaos and ineffectiveness OF (UK) lip-reading approaches, or the ridiculous insistence it is for those with useful hearing only at classes, be they lip-reading or wanting BSL (Which only has hearing people attending because of a job possibility at the end of it).  Again 10m out in the cold because there is no effective communication system approach in the UK aimed AT those with hearing loss.  Lip-reading is a hobby class like flower arranging and with no end aim and no qualification either.  It's an amateur approach to an area that needs professionalism and clinical integration.

Can you effectively teach the Hard of Hearing?  It's a problem with such wide-ranging age groups and abilities, as well as loss degree, it would demand a specialisation to teach, that doesn't exist at present, and unviable in a 'class' scenario, a lot need one-on-one help.  Currently, if you need serious help they dump you on the welfare state who refer you back to where you started because there isn't anything they can do.  If the current system doesn't work there is no point referring you anywhere else.

A few well-placed boots in the rear need to be applied to both signing and lip-reading areas.  It's a job-creating scheme to keep charities going as it stands and isn't helping US.  More 'reliance', more 'support', more 'help', and awareness is the biggest joke being played out on us all.  

The virus has shown us all where the loopholes are, please, start acting on those not criticising the NHS risking own lives to save us.

I'm bloody ashamed to be deaf currently and do not support this campaign of demands for deliberate exposure to Covid-19 to score brownie points for systems that are clearly ineffective as they stand anyway.  Are these people not aware there is a virus about?"