Monday, 18 May 2020

9m face masks

Staff in the ‘red zone’ of the ICU, where the most serious Covid-19 cases are treated
The see-through mask saga rambles on, with one leading UK deaf blog claiming 9m deaf are missing out because they cannot lip-read NHS staff.  

Whilst also claiming no signed access is there for BBC updates either.

Casting aside the fact 9m deaf do not exist in the UK let alone 9m of them capable of lip-reading, and BSL access has been there on the BBC since day one,  perhaps this clear explanation can help?

Masks have to meet strict medical UK PPE criteria for safety, no clear mask have been approved by the NHS, and few if any demands for them. 

COVID-19: Where to buy the materials to make masks at home
Certainly not home-made ones like the photo left that are a dangerous DIY joke, which doesn't even work unless double or triple-layered with appropriate material. It is far from simple to put a bit of clear plastic over the mouth and then complain about why others don't do that, it is because they aren't SAFE. 

NHS staff have to wear masks, goggles, and visors or you could get infected. They will be demanding goggles and visors make it hard next. Yes, they do but given the alternative.... COVID-19 is lethal. Unfortunately, face masks with clear windows tend to mist up when you breathe plus light and sun reflects so you can't see through them, even if viable, it's no help to a sign user.