Saturday, 6 June 2020

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Don't sign? Don't lip-read? no problemo.

The current campaigns for clear masks won't be of much use to a sign user, mostly, they partially lip-read to assist their SIGN, and most are not fluent lip-readers and an area against people talking to them.

Those who ask medicos to remove masks need to understand this won't happen, the risk of infection would be real. Further demands for live Interpreting also won't happen because Interpreters are protecting themselves and their families. Most deaf can read, and many have a voice too, given they have alternatives to use now they must use them. It isn't the time to push 'preferences' in people's faces, adapt.

The virus must force a realistic debate on deaf communications based on the new reality, the virus takes no prisoners, makes no concessions.  

There are e.g. many phone apps, and text assists they can use, speech to text software, and sign translation via video if they still demand that support, they cannot demand face to face. We think they complain too much and, are lacking in understanding how dangerous COVID is.   Hard of Hearing can use loops and speech to text too. We know they aren't perfect but we can make do.  There are also downloadable flashcards etc medicos can get for free that explain things.

No deaf people would enter a clinical area without first ensuring they can communicate at least 2 ways, we have done for years because you have to allow for emergencies where a translator just won't be available or you have to converse with a first responder, or a relative cannot assist or is available, we have had 'belt and bracers' for years. etc.

The poster uses the notes system on phones, so do I, have done for years, and live transcribe too, who needs sign?  Putting pr-planned questions in the notes section save time too, you can just select which one you want to ask and/or notify people if you have other issues to take into consideration easy-peasy. 

Clear masks offer next to no protection nor do the plethora of DIY ones they are turning out a stated they fog up and those multi-coloured fashionable versions (!) just distract.  It is suggested the mask is self re-assurance not protection so valid in that respect.  The WHO says unless it is triple-layered medical-grade why bother?  They also are saying if over 60 you should all wear one regardless.

It's been a puzzle in the deaf community how the campaign is now insisting all deaf lip-read when the mantra has always up to now, been that all deaf sign? Also forgetting that lip-reading demands clear speech when most people are poor speakers anyway. So why no lip-SPEAKERS? and how do you insist every medical person is one?  For the record, although there is plenty of signed translation by remote video, but there are none visible for the lip-reader.

Why are deaf not insisting on that?  It is the mixed messages from the deaf that have exposed the chaos and confusion that is effective communication.  Surprise, Surprise, everyone is different.

Friday, 5 June 2020

Charities and BML

Diversity in Tech | Hand with marker writing the word Everyone ...Firstly the ATR stance is ALL lives matter, as that is the corner-stone of the Human Rights laws, so we don't suggest one person's life matters more than the person next to them.  
There has been criticism of UK hearing loss Charity getting involved in BLM campaigns here while they have been highly reluctant to challenge the state politically on Human rights violations of deaf people e.g.  Their latest blurb is below, and the response to it.  The act of publishing such a response does not mean ATR endorses them.

If you want to take action with us to end racial discrimination, check out this great resource on how to be an ally.

"Surely the state and umpteen UK focus groups already do that ineffectively?  Why are charities being selectively political now?"

"Didn't the AOHL defy deaf people who wanted more with a hearing loss involved with running the charity? because they only hired hearing people for paying positions and offered to subsidise hearing migrant visas instead?  They have a funny idea of equality."

"Yeah, I saw that they said "We cannot discriminate against hearing applicants and prioritise deaf people.. then admitted the real reason was the deaf hadn't the qualifications," what a bloody joke they operated their own glass ceiling to prevent deaf acquiring experience..."

"We all know there are no Brits in London where they are based, so I wasn't surprised.  They are in for a culture shock when they move to the North Of England."

"Is this a valid use of time and resources for a hearing loss charity? They will get overrun and sidetracked with issues that have nothing at all to do with hearing loss.  Yes, black people have loss too, but hearing loss can affect and does everyone regardless, it is the ultimate leveller and never discriminates..  They had issues in the USA when the Gay area tried to muscle in there and deaf had to see them off."

"Equality doesn't work, if it did there would be no need for any campaign, you cannot legislate or indeed educate out intolerance, there will always be people who disagree with or dislike others it's human nature.  I'm not justifying that just saying it how it is.  In the history of the world this has been inevitable, they are still fighting wars over it."

"If the AOHL is to campaign then sort out the Deaf/deaf nonsense and the undermining of support for the millions of HoH by campaigns that are selfish, misleading and biased.  If they want to march up and down streets now they will need to define a cause we can relate to as deaf or hard of hearing, which is a non-discriminatory rights issue.."

"I'd rather see a critical examination, of all these time-wasting lip-reading classes that are adding nothing for the 10-12m UK hard of hearing needing communication help. The Deaf have their sign the HoH have nothing at all not even a national system of access to health support."

"We cannot fight other people's battles and save the world, we aren't Marvel Heroes get real, while we are losing our own. As the AOHL is moving towards the cure and campaign stance, sold off assistive device areas and deaf home care, then does this mean they are abandoning the HoH as well?" 

"We are worst placed to fight other people's battles, we are still isolated ourselves, the deaf have little access to the political systems, what we do have we fight for ourselves, charity should be concentrating on us, there are 100s of groups fighting the racial/religious issues, and making it worse, each to own speciality.."

"There are laws on equality we should all be obeying anyway, why did AOHL wait for something in the USA to happen?  Any old bandwagon in a storm."

"I would be reluctant to support people who riot and shoot the police, then burn down and loot stores, that has nothing to do with rights, regardless of what colour they are."

"You are damned if comment, damned if you don't it is too emotive, someone is sure to call you a name with an 'ist' or 'ic' on the end of it, why on earth are charities sticking their nose in?"

"They seem to have overlooked deaf and HoH support groups and clubs polarised like with like years ago.  We have black deaf clubs, Jewish ones, Asian dominated ones. already segregated by CHOICE, the AOHL has some way to go before they are anywhere near understanding BAME issues."

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Disabled or Deaf?

Aids for Hearing Loss | Independent Living | Independent LivingDepends what welfare allowances you can claim?

That different only big plm is communication we need interpreter as we are strong BSL. Not disabled so BSL is our first language not English

No, you cannot reject disability and then demand disability welfare support and funding, it's basically dishonest.  

Without disability funding, there would be no deaf arts or cultural support except from some arts foundation doing these Deaf a favour, even then it is to cover translation so they can work or get involved WITH other disabled, so it is sign support.  They are window dressing the disability, suggesting it is a culture instead.

Without welfare state support, the deaf would not be able to be educated, work in, or develop these deaf arts areas, 80% of which is inaccessible (And unintelligible!), to anyone deaf outside a city centre, like all arts it is for the snobbish few not the many.  It's meaningless anywhere else.

I'd love to be in it!  It is A2W subsidies that enable that and at a potential and maximum allowance of near £900 per week lovely jubbly, I'm in!     

The poster rejects disability, so by default is rejecting disabled too?  If he or she is NOT claiming any sort of welfare payment that is OK but cannot use a blanket term for everyone deaf, It creates issues with people who do are disabled who the DWP then quote you as saying we are not disabled so the DWP rounds with why are you claiming disability allowances then?  others end up as collateral damage while some deaf elite is coining it in funding for stuff most of never see and cannot understand, it's great.. for them.     

lol It's like those foreign films that used to be shown in cinemas where subtitles were the norm but at least we saw half-naked french women so not a total loss haha...

If you have a principle you have to stick with it or you get no respect or acceptance do you.  If you tell lies you also need a good memory.

Nobody is buying the excuse deafness is a culture thing unless you are also saying culture is the disability? why else fund that with 'disability' money?  This is some deaf area playing both ends of the disability definition.   

I view deaf people very disabled they have huge problems accessing quite basic things we take for granted.  Maybe its a blessing they don't see it, their way of managing it?

They are also running effective campaigns that insist being deaf is so awful they need money, support, and help.   Which seems a pretty accurate description of being disabled to me.

Sensory impairment covers deafness, blindness, being blind-deaf, speech impaired, and resulting from brain issues etc this is fact, as are people going deaf by some accident. 

LOSS is the true definition of disablement if you insist there is nothing to lose.....  Then again being born without a sense has to be a disablement too.  These issues are recognised, of course, we manage and cope with it our own ways, a lot don't, and without that being recognised as a disablement,  they would get no help at all. 

Deaf can do anything but hear? they can't do much without the support of welfare allowances, medical help, and trained interpreters, or relying on each other for a social life, re-jigging definitions to describe them as rights and not inevitable necessities is again a bit dishonest isn't it.  Calling Interpreter help 'enablement' etc doesn't disguise the reality you are stuck without them.  That's a defined need.  

One problem is those insisting they aren't disabled take the HIGHEST disability welfare payments available in the UK to work.  They don't get those if they have no issue.  As I understand it the DWP is in no way a charity.  

First language or not they have alternatives to use to sign.  Lots of migrants come to the UK they don't go for a job demanding their employers (Or us), speak their language and provide interpreters or else we are discriminating, no other country in the world would go with that, they adapt, only the deaf refuse to, why?

Because they can't hear possibly?

We know!  the debate is about those able to use alternatives and insisting they can't, they won't, or not obliged to.

They still cannot demand others acquire it any more than a migrant can demand we speak their first language and they can hear. 

Yes migrants who come to the UK (3 million), have a first language that isn't English too, they learn ours they know without it they cannot work or live here.  So what makes the deaf different, they admit their language is the disability? 

BSL is what the purists tell us enables them to LEARN English, ergo they are 'bilingual' you are saying deaf are not bilingual?  Or just refusing to be? "I am going to sign, yes I understand you, yes I can respond to you, I  can speak too, but I won't, I choose not to I have a right to refuse so you must either sign to me, or get me an interpreter...."  

No chance in hell is there? can they not see the illogic in that?

Apparently not.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Meeting people half way?

Celebrating the hidden history of disabled people's fight for ...Can we not just meet people halfway over this Deaf-deaf thing? (I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)

It's a situation perhaps only time will solve.  As you say the current view of equality means doing your own thing your own way and this tends to prevent that really happening for others, it's about seeing the 'big picture'.  

To paraphrase an old Frank Sinatra song 'oops there goes another rubber tree plant.' in that it was my view if you stuck to your point and chip away eventually you have to get there in the end and topple that tower.  I don't see it as an assault on freedom of choice, mostly because I don't believe choice or preference has much to do with it. It's more about money, funding or politics and inflating the ego to some extent.  Lots of people not knowing who they are, many in denial, and chasing another ID hoping it fits them, they failed to see the price of it.

I don't know anyone who prefers disability, lots who manage it, but that is not the same thing. I do read there are people who 'prefer' to be deaf, blind or wheelchair-bound, I Just think there is a side issue of mental health there or desperation to justify what is an issue they couldn't avoid anyway and don't need to.  

There was a group in the UK and USA who deliberately deafened themselves because they 'envied' the Deaf community ethos and closeness they have.  I did a blog at the time where I infiltrated that group and saw advice on 'how to make yourself deaf by sticking knitting needles in your ear, or pouring bleach into it..' etc.

Which I considered was more a mental health issue than a desire to break down isolation by 'being one of them.'  What can we do about it?  deafness or other disabilities are, so just get on with it, which most do anyway.  Looking at the bigger picture again that tends to mean coping/managing your issue you can assume nothing much can be done about it.  Coping then becomes a justification for all sorts.

Some deaf areas took it a step further declared not being able to hear was a right etc and started to attack or undermine others who sought out cochlear implants or hearing aids or promoted oral approaches to alleviating hearing loss, they justified attacking other people's 'choice' (Or the parents choice),  by saying it demeaned them and their culture.  

It's the line they are not allowed to cross.  They are entitled to a view no matter how genuine/obscure it is, but, they cannot go at other people's.  Do no harm to others.  Obviously, the Deaf can bring in 'heavy PR weaponry' then by throwing disability discrimination claims about, (despite not accepting that description of their own issue), or you are going at their culture by default as they don't see the difference.

You could say "But you have an interpreter,' and get attacked for stating that observation because that suggests a reliance and again they don't see their support that way, or even it IS support. I have never seen them able to defend that outside their own closed areas and social aspect because seeing is believing with the mainstream. They are using 'help' or 'support' or 'cannot communicate on their own', so the disabled/deprived image follows and difficult to alter then. 

The other elephant in the room are the other deaf and those hard of hearing, currently playing lip-service whatever they do because they cannot be bothered to challenge the fact the Deaf promotions are undermining support for them or anyone takes any notice in the HoH area.  

They tend occasionally to run scared of being accused of some discrimination or other, so 'cest la vie' rules and stand well clear seems to be the order of the day.  It's humouring and to some extent patronising them.  I never chose to do that but to challenge the fact promoting isolation as a necessary norm to protect culture e.g. is undermining equality access and integration, it impoverishes culture too.

Awareness is done by rote, a lottery, complete chaos and unfocused, with no real desire to take advantage of any door currently closed being opened for them.  If it is they can demand where that door leads to and usually, that is back where they started from.

Many deaf have no time at all for the nonsense as managing their daily lives takes higher priority.  I think most is online and done by people who barely rely on sign at all or are able to function in hearing and deaf situations without much issue, the tail is wagging the dog there are jobs and money in playing the victim.  Recent closures of deaf culture charities and support charities for the deaf has shown such people are wasting huge amounts of disability funding and undermining support for their own too. 

ELDS saw 130 deaf left with no cover after the charity was found financially incapable of running its own deaf support, with own deaf people, 70 deaf staff they offered jobs too, lost them, the BDA saw ALL their trustees resigning, and their membership plummeting,  and they still run that charity on some feudal based system threatening members with legal action if they disclose how that charity is run (Which is pretty badly).  Culture keeps picking up their bills.  The RNID/AOHL sold off their deaf care and assistive device market and now go for the cure dropping all pretence of maintaining this road to nowhere.

It suggests the emphatic over-focus on the cultural aspect has overridden common sense and created neglect of duty and care to the deaf.  I complained to my MP that culture should not be recognised as a charity at all, also that any area setting up a charity has to provide proof of a capability to run it and for a cause that is recognisable and not already there.  You would think that is a norm, it isn't.

We know the CC is a government arm in reality and they are quite happy to let disabled, deaf, whoever, screw it all up for themselves, then blame then doesn't go their way, it's still cheaper than the state running things, dutifully the deaf are obliging by being consistently inconsistent.  Charities that try to emulate a system the government and health authorities abandoned years ago should be closed, and state care returned again.   At least to some extent a system can be accountable. 

It is an admittance we have made a mess of it ourselves and it has allowed care to deteriorate not improve.  Deaf and HoH charities blew it.  Without the clout of culture the Deaf would have lost everything too.  The equality laws are unviable.  Having been at the launch of the original back in the 1990s I knew then the acceptance of the '90s Act was a sell-out. 

We wanted to stick to our guns, our charities wanted the funding and saw a way to run care, so they accepted the law watered down on our behalf, we lost because Deaf and deaf don't support each other and any house divided has to fail.  The Deaf also failed to support the disabled who created the Act.  They moved immediately after to take advantage of bits of it.

All I am seeing are re-runs of issues the Act was supposed to have addressed 20 years ago.  The state divided the disabled and the amateurs moved in to screw it all up, setting themselves up as 'experts'.  It's one thing having disability experience but it doesn't mean you can run a support system for others with differing experiences, so they 'specialised'.    

The specialisation was only possible by default discrminating  against others who didn't have your issue even if there were similarities.  Each to his or her own. What a complete mess we have made of it all, £millions down the drain and virtually little progress either.

Play the Hearing Lottery

Rare £1 One Pound Coins 1983 to 2015 - Circulated | eBayAOHL, the UK's leading charity for the deaf (As averse to the Deaf), and others with hearing loss offers up a Lottery of their own... Ironic they use UK Lottery funding to launch own version. Interesting they are now dropping the pretence of helping people with hearing loss and going for the cure instead.

For just £1 a week, you could win £500, or one of 15 other great cash prizes.

£500 Grand Prize
£20 x 5 winners
£10 x 10 winners

And when you play our Weekly Winner Draw, you’ll be automatically included in our biannual Superdraw for a chance to win a whopping £5,000!  Players must be 18 years old or over. No prizes will be paid to anyone under 18 years of age. Underage gambling is an offence. 

Play today, transform tomorrow £500 is going to really change your life.    Start playing our weekly lottery today and the money raised will go towards the vital work that helps people with hearing loss – including support services 

(Not deaf ones we sold those off and the useless flashing doorbell device sideline), 

and campaigning for equality and biomedical research to rid us all of this scourge of deafness, 

(Won't that make AOHL and the Lottery pointless? Top marks for AOHL to have a bottom line to making themselves redundant even if we don't believe a single word of it).

We invest in developing treatments to protect and restore hearing and to silence tinnitus. (You mean like funding the Australian CI market?). We also work hard to find cures for those who want them. 

(There are people that DON'T want a cure? who are they? Campaigning is going to have to be selective to support people who have deafness and loss and against what AOHL are doing, which is about 78,000 deaf UK BSL users.)

This means for that for over 12 million people in the UK who have hearing loss and the six million who have tinnitus, there’s a greater chance for a better tomorrow.

(Are you employing Dianna Abbot?).

Deaf Academy delayed due to COVID

artists impression of the deaf academy
The opening of a new purpose-built school in Exmouth for deaf students from across the South West has been delayed because it was not quite finished before the coronavirus lockdown.

The Deaf Academy packed up and moved out of its old buildings in Exeter before Easter. But, as the building is already being knocked down, the school is now homeless until the new campus is ready. student learning from home Learning is being done remotely until the academy can secure new premises. 

The world has turned a bit upside down and actually, our priorities right now are to stay connected with our young people, keeping everybody safe, whether it be staff or students. Our priority, like all of the nation, is to get through this and we've got a fantastic present at the end of it in terms of our new campus. 

We'll be grateful when we get there.  Students who normally have close-contact education are facing big changes because of the delay. Most of the learning is being done remotely but communicating online using video conferencing software is not easy when you use British Sign Language. The online learning is quite hard actually because everyone's in a little box on the screen, trying to sign. It is tiny and 2D so it's quite hard. 

We were so excited about going to Exmouth but obviously, the move has been delayed and we're having to put up with doing everything online so it is quite a disappointment but we're all being really patient about it. 


Monday, 1 June 2020

A Rose' by any other name...

21 Reasons Why Wine Drunk Will Always Be Your Favorite DrunkCheers!

Being stuck indoors via the UK lockdown is not fun, unfortunately, unless you are on the phone all day talking bollox and trivia or 'zooming' total strangers, and acting the billy goat mostly, you can be stuck with just turning the TV on, or posting rubbish like this to pass the time, which is my habit, i.e. up until COVID 19 reared it's head something, I've been too pissed to care mostly.  I thought daytime TV was for 80yr old people trapped in care homes or day centres, that or having frequent nappy changes.

Rather reluctantly I turned my TV set on and discovered it had nearly 200 channels on it, they must be breeding them I thought only 2 existed? The BB of C or the other one with adverts... 98% were unintelligible because me being deaf there was no access to them or they were programs made by idiots without much of a life and with the most boring hobbies or lives on the planet, from watching birds flying about to sitting behind a fishing rod catching fish, and called for some reason nobody explains 'Extreme' fishing to inject some interest, that or extreme bird watching.  

River Monsters to Dark Waters: How Jeremy Wade's extreme fishing ...Up until then, I had no idea catching fish was dicing with death, or why on EARTH people would want to wander around the woods with binoculars staring at birds flying about, perhaps its a metaphor for something naughty? but I only saw a few owls not much to turn you on there but I suppose it takes all sorts.  I guess that's where the 'extreme' element kicks in, they are all as mad as a box of frogs and you have to avoid them and safer to see the other side of the screen.

Surfing the channels and only just managing to avoid RSI, I came across a daily TV 'magazine' program filled with very strange people talking about purple striped skirts being the new black, a competition where the prize was £20,000 IF you remembered your own name (I failed that one), and cooking food, no one with a taste bud would eat, and only enough for a starving sparrow, watched by a panel obviously recruited from Hitlers Gestapo failures who were failed for being to  critical, judging every move they made.

some asparagus cooked raised a few eyebrows I gather because they cooked it 21 seconds too little or too much and  the wrong way round tantamounts to major crime and the police are on standby in case they get a bit wayward with the fish knives. Cooking food is being taken seriously for some reason I never understand because I only eat takeaways and prefer to let others poison me.

I finally found one section of this ridiculous program that appealed to me, it was covering the latest wines from the local supermarket store, which didn't cover the one I use which sells bottles of wine from Patagonia 3 for £10, and 20 cans of Mexican rotgut, for £15 for some reason they said was downmarket.  

Today they said they were specialising in 'Rose' wines, which is liquid sugared drinks women drink mostly but quite lethal if you are diabetic.   Women drink it because it is pink and tasteless or something... However, the presenter (a male who had just come out as Gay after having 9 kids and being married for 30 years),  lapped it all up and was quite expert on it revealing his secret vice was Rose having left real-ale to the straights some years ago.  His co-presenter a woman threw up on two glasses she tasted and demanded to know where the gin was.

The 25 Best Rosé Wines of 2018 | VinePair'This one' the expert said 'is a cheeky one from the Dordogne region (I know I've met him and cheeky isn't the term I use), "the vineyard is just 10 years old and run by English people," (who apparently escaped the rat race in the UK to join Le rat race in France instead).  "tastes a bit like hedgerow,' she said, 'but fruity..'  Not that I have tasted hedgerow lately to compare what fruit it actually was.

There was some talk about 'berries' and 'cinnamon' and I started to lose interest, all I can say there is a distinct lack of cinnamon in the hedges around here, just plastic bags full of dog s.h.i.t. hanging from them.  Rose is a bit like an anaemic red wine which just tastes no matter how they brew it like it is sifted through dirt first and god knows what they put on it maybe horse manure from a horse with gastroenteritis (Which is a French term for 'dodgy belly').  I get the same thing myself after 10 pints and a vindaloo.

Another wine just flown into Sainsbury's (and deliberately violating the social distancing by the look of it), the expert opined "This rose it really is different, it is made WITH with roses..'  Have the french run out of grapes?  Or is that yet another side issue of COVID 19?  Despite doing their best both presenters tasted a mouthful and ran for the toilet, leaving the expert non-plussed (what DOES non-plussed mean?).  I decided TV is not for me and definitely not for people to look at in the daytime without medication.  

If they decided to include lagers of the world or ciders with bits of wood in it, I might be tempted because that's all I drink.  I just think them using pears as well was one advance too far personally.   It's ok to stick one on top of the lager for the women but... 

The nearest I got to knowing about wine was following my Uncle Ifan's educated palate, he has drunk everything that is liquid and a few things that were borderline.  He said 'The clue boyo is to look at the numbers, the higher the numbers the quicker you can get pissed on it, it's all the same stuff just different labels and bottle shapes that's all, that's just for the nobheads to look intelligent, they spend more time sniffing it than drinking it," and also you have to stop using piddling little glasses, or big glasses then putting a spoonful in it. Filthy habit, the French started it and they eat gastropods, nuff said...

"It's best to use a half-pint glass instead or a waste of drinking time trying to fill up the small ones."  From what I saw of Ifan there was little doubt he was right on that although he didn't talk much, as he is face down on the ground mostly, I've never really seen him upright.  

Another tip he gave was don't drink wines from S America or the EU areas of Croatia, Romania or Transylvania, they use diesel in it, and it doesn't really deter vampires, also, the South Americans overdo the Samba when they aren't burning down rain forests and that 'burnt wood' smell is a dead giveaway.  But, it does come cheaper than petrol.  The EU cigarettes are OK at two quid for 50, but have enough tar in and rubber content to lay a new motorway with, and fit the car out with 4 new tires and a spare.

Now if my Uncle Ifan had a program that WOULD be worth watching... he gets to the nitty-gritty of things, at least when he is erect. Rose? my arse.