Friday, 5 June 2020

Charities and BML

Diversity in Tech | Hand with marker writing the word Everyone ...Firstly the ATR stance is ALL lives matter, as that is the corner-stone of the Human Rights laws, so we don't suggest one person's life matters more than the person next to them.  
There has been criticism of UK hearing loss Charity getting involved in BLM campaigns here while they have been highly reluctant to challenge the state politically on Human rights violations of deaf people e.g.  Their latest blurb is below, and the response to it.  The act of publishing such a response does not mean ATR endorses them.

If you want to take action with us to end racial discrimination, check out this great resource on how to be an ally.

"Surely the state and umpteen UK focus groups already do that ineffectively?  Why are charities being selectively political now?"

"Didn't the AOHL defy deaf people who wanted more with a hearing loss involved with running the charity? because they only hired hearing people for paying positions and offered to subsidise hearing migrant visas instead?  They have a funny idea of equality."

"Yeah, I saw that they said "We cannot discriminate against hearing applicants and prioritise deaf people.. then admitted the real reason was the deaf hadn't the qualifications," what a bloody joke they operated their own glass ceiling to prevent deaf acquiring experience..."

"We all know there are no Brits in London where they are based, so I wasn't surprised.  They are in for a culture shock when they move to the North Of England."

"Is this a valid use of time and resources for a hearing loss charity? They will get overrun and sidetracked with issues that have nothing at all to do with hearing loss.  Yes, black people have loss too, but hearing loss can affect and does everyone regardless, it is the ultimate leveller and never discriminates..  They had issues in the USA when the Gay area tried to muscle in there and deaf had to see them off."

"Equality doesn't work, if it did there would be no need for any campaign, you cannot legislate or indeed educate out intolerance, there will always be people who disagree with or dislike others it's human nature.  I'm not justifying that just saying it how it is.  In the history of the world this has been inevitable, they are still fighting wars over it."

"If the AOHL is to campaign then sort out the Deaf/deaf nonsense and the undermining of support for the millions of HoH by campaigns that are selfish, misleading and biased.  If they want to march up and down streets now they will need to define a cause we can relate to as deaf or hard of hearing, which is a non-discriminatory rights issue.."

"I'd rather see a critical examination, of all these time-wasting lip-reading classes that are adding nothing for the 10-12m UK hard of hearing needing communication help. The Deaf have their sign the HoH have nothing at all not even a national system of access to health support."

"We cannot fight other people's battles and save the world, we aren't Marvel Heroes get real, while we are losing our own. As the AOHL is moving towards the cure and campaign stance, sold off assistive device areas and deaf home care, then does this mean they are abandoning the HoH as well?" 

"We are worst placed to fight other people's battles, we are still isolated ourselves, the deaf have little access to the political systems, what we do have we fight for ourselves, charity should be concentrating on us, there are 100s of groups fighting the racial/religious issues, and making it worse, each to own speciality.."

"There are laws on equality we should all be obeying anyway, why did AOHL wait for something in the USA to happen?  Any old bandwagon in a storm."

"I would be reluctant to support people who riot and shoot the police, then burn down and loot stores, that has nothing to do with rights, regardless of what colour they are."

"You are damned if comment, damned if you don't it is too emotive, someone is sure to call you a name with an 'ist' or 'ic' on the end of it, why on earth are charities sticking their nose in?"

"They seem to have overlooked deaf and HoH support groups and clubs polarised like with like years ago.  We have black deaf clubs, Jewish ones, Asian dominated ones. already segregated by CHOICE, the AOHL has some way to go before they are anywhere near understanding BAME issues."