Saturday, 6 June 2020

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Don't sign? Don't lip-read? no problemo.

The current campaigns for clear masks won't be of much use to a sign user, mostly, they partially lip-read to assist their SIGN, and most are not fluent lip-readers and an area against people talking to them.

Those who ask medicos to remove masks need to understand this won't happen, the risk of infection would be real. Further demands for live Interpreting also won't happen because Interpreters are protecting themselves and their families. Most deaf can read, and many have a voice too, given they have alternatives to use now they must use them. It isn't the time to push 'preferences' in people's faces, adapt.

The virus must force a realistic debate on deaf communications based on the new reality, the virus takes no prisoners, makes no concessions.  

There are e.g. many phone apps, and text assists they can use, speech to text software, and sign translation via video if they still demand that support, they cannot demand face to face. We think they complain too much and, are lacking in understanding how dangerous COVID is.   Hard of Hearing can use loops and speech to text too. We know they aren't perfect but we can make do.  There are also downloadable flashcards etc medicos can get for free that explain things.

No deaf people would enter a clinical area without first ensuring they can communicate at least 2 ways, we have done for years because you have to allow for emergencies where a translator just won't be available or you have to converse with a first responder, or a relative cannot assist or is available, we have had 'belt and bracers' for years. etc.

The poster uses the notes system on phones, so do I, have done for years, and live transcribe too, who needs sign?  Putting pr-planned questions in the notes section save time too, you can just select which one you want to ask and/or notify people if you have other issues to take into consideration easy-peasy. 

Clear masks offer next to no protection nor do the plethora of DIY ones they are turning out a stated they fog up and those multi-coloured fashionable versions (!) just distract.  It is suggested the mask is self re-assurance not protection so valid in that respect.  The WHO says unless it is triple-layered medical-grade why bother?  They also are saying if over 60 you should all wear one regardless.

It's been a puzzle in the deaf community how the campaign is now insisting all deaf lip-read when the mantra has always up to now, been that all deaf sign? Also forgetting that lip-reading demands clear speech when most people are poor speakers anyway. So why no lip-SPEAKERS? and how do you insist every medical person is one?  For the record, although there is plenty of signed translation by remote video, but there are none visible for the lip-reader.

Why are deaf not insisting on that?  It is the mixed messages from the deaf that have exposed the chaos and confusion that is effective communication.  Surprise, Surprise, everyone is different.