Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Deaf Case

The irony being such low-educated deaf people and isolated probably won't see the ad for their 'services'. Would it not be easier to encourage deaf to read instead? not pander to their disabling issue bypassing education and awareness, and pandering to translation support services all the time?

The elephant in the room is the reality such low educated deaf won't be good sign users either so still have difficulty. I suppose the old chestnut of preference for sign and rights is standing in the way again?  Apparently, deaf social lives will fall apart if they aren't all relying on others the same and maintaining that 'norm' It is alarmingly accepted as a deaf norm. The issue needs to be addressed in deaf education and primary drive to be educating the deaf to read and write so they can address issues themselves.  

That some deaf are leaving 16 years of specialised education unable to read is a disgrace.  The services being offered above take away any will or drive for such deaf to understand things for themselves, of course, BSL 'support' is a never-ending job for life for such agencies as well isn't it?

We should be sending deaf adults back to school to overcome the disadvantages deaf educational approaches and sign put in their way if only to do their day job.  BSL translation still won't enable understanding, they are still going to have to rely on others, be it family, friends or such agencies. Root out deaf educational issues then deaf can do it for themselves.

If schools are turning out generations of deaf people unable to follow the written word and arming them with the depressing realism they are going to be reliant on others for life, (And its a right!), then Ofsted needs to investigate deaf education and sort it out.  As is a ban on immersive sign-only approaches which would mean lots more deaf unable to read a letter.

What are they teaching in deaf education?  It isn't how to function once they leave school, is it?