Wednesday, 10 June 2020

We are ALL Racists.

Image may contain: text that says "It's not white VS black It's everyone VS racists"
The picture is a rather naive opportunist one but... All of a sudden 1,000s of UK white people are empathising with BLM, but only because of a killing in the USA, nobody took much interest before or acted on racism prior.

COVID has provided the perfect storm for protest. We are a nation of hypocrites following the latest hashtag and paying lip-service to equality. It's easier to suggest we include everyone, how awful black lives are etc.. then carry on ignoring them and their issues but ensuring no kickback by supporting their cause at least on social media.  The net isn't what the street or reality is.

As regards to the UK we were more concerned all these people violated the COVID Lockdown putting many others at health risk their colour was immaterial, that got lost. There is a time and place for a demo now isn't one of them and given those who demonstrated are at higher risk of COVID than most, why risk it?

Do I think pulling statues down and banning TV programs will stop racism? No, history has happened and it is against the interest to hide or obliterate it. They pulled down Saddam Hussein's statue look at the chaos that followed that.  The southern USA states got a pang of conscience and allowed the pulling down of icons of their civil war, but it changed nothing, especially the fact the war was waged because of slavery, why would black people NOT want the civil war known, or its reason?  Because the North won? Abe Lincoln still endorsed segregated armies. George Washington was a slaver we are told.  The USA wealth was based on it.

Yup the UK did their bit too.  Slavery is universal e.g. the Romans, the Egyptian empires were built on it, we should be going at those countries it's a matter of dates, it is too far back.  

Harsh Lessons From Top Court's Judicial Passivism - India Press ...It isn't the rabid racist you have to worry about, they can be identified easily it is the placid and passive 'cest la vie' majority who don't mix with the BAME (Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic) areas, who to be scrupulously fair do the same. The passivists don't socialise with them, do their own 'white' thing, that isn't inclusion and multiculturalism is just whitewashing inclusion suggesting we are integrated and equal when we are all 'going our own way.'

You cannot stop racism with law, that is naive thinking, it is debatable you can educate it out either. School is only part of our lives.  You have to get people onside because they want that, saying they have to is to invite opposition nobody likes being told what they HAVE to do. 

With the virus telling everyone where they can now stand, where they can or cannot go, what they have to wear, and at what distance already, I don't see how enforcing black history in schools is going to make any dent in that COVID doesn't care. There are 100s of areas who are demanding inclusion in education, e.g. deaf people are demanding sign as a compulsory lesson in the UK.  

Where do you say the line must be drawn? our kids haven't the time, nor the schools the wherewithal, and differing areas of ethnicity will be demanding their inclusion and on their terms just the same, *Sod's law rules.   Black people learning black history by all means, but it won't hold relevance for others who will demand their own history too.  Welsh people were oppressed and their language declared illegal by England, who sent in armies to enforce it and later educationalists to schools who banned its tuition and use.  There is a very long queue of people who want their history included.

When I was in school I was taught the 'Kings and Queens of England' in history lessons, but a number were Welsh not English and we had our own history book via 'Hanes Cymru' that they refused to teach us about. Our current Royalty are Germanic Greeks.  This is living memory not 200 years ago. Is there a nation that HASN'T been oppressed?

Only recently in the UK we saw Asian areas attempting to block aspects of UK sex and gender education, so we won't accommodate everyone, that contributes to segregation, it may not be advisable to do that as equality such as we view it, will prevent these areas telling others what they can and cannot do just because that is their norm. That is a fact of human nature. We can only go on merit.  Only the middle ground exists.

Sod's law is a British culture axiom that "if something can go wrong, it will".

In one area of the UK one-THIRD of its white population sold up and moved to areas where there are little or no migrants or BAME residents.  We could suggest that is racist, but also suggest it is their own choice and right where they live.  The more 'profile' an area gets the more marginalised others can see it for them.  Human nature tends to demonstrate choice is paramount, (The deaf use the term preference), but it is # semantics.

Semantics is commonly used to refer to a trivial point or distinction that revolves around mere words rather than significant issues.

Once the lockdown eases, I don't envisage much change after.  Maybe more focus groups more marches, more pulling down statues, TV programs removed, or books burnt, references to facts rewritten, following the age-old truism the victor determines what fact and history is.  You still cannot control vested interests who will see the issue as an excuse to cause mayhem.  They will provoke to get a reaction and once that happens it encourages more martyrs to the cause who believe provocation is the only way.

The majority will then encourage a fightback and support rule of lawYou are in it for the long term or not at all, but, life happens and has a way of messing it all up again.