Thursday, 18 June 2020

Wearing Hearing Aid when deaf?

Most simply fail to understand the psychological reaction to hearing loss, and that is down to polarised views online mostly and biased awareness none of which is either valid or successful.

I didn't find the video all that clear when he went into 'different levels of deafness.' of course there are no different levels, you are deaf or you are not, otherwise you have a degree of hearing loss which may or may not be alleviated via an assistive device, but each individual has a different reaction and acceptance of what that hearing level and effectiveness is. Most don't hear a lot! and the response is usually the 'Nod' as we know.

As an ex-user of hearing aids many many years ago, ANY sound would have suited me and I would wear an aid all the time regardless if it gave me any in, to the spoken word.  In part I looked on it as a safety device,  I may not have heard a single word spoken but could mostly know if a lorry was coming at me.  In reality, I was relying on my EYES mostly. 

Many years ago, a UK politician once declared 'Noise is Life'  when there was some political argument regarding heavy traffic and aircraft near his constituency, he then declared 'OK so move the deaf next to the motorways, by-passes and airfields it won't bother them.'

BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Norman St John-StevasNoise is life, was about the correct description of how many with hearing aids see their use, even when it non-inclusive of the spoken word.  People need to understand for those losing hearing noise IS life, it is the only thing left to connect them with their peers as they see it.  

Irrational? maybe not, but a hearing aid or a CI, can save a lot of mental health deterioration, and as we read the last few years stave off dementia too where silence is definitely not a help.  You can get isolated from a lot of what is happening in the world and your own shrinks to very few people who can stimulate you as they are all in the same boat..

Without a signing community, they wouldn't manage either, they don't have HA so sign is their fall back. The HoH are nothing like those people for whom hearing is a complete mystery or non-event anyway, and part of the issue is various groupings trying to blur the lines and suggesting the modes they use will work for others too, but the mindset is completely different, it isn't about effect modes and alternatives, it is about hearing.  the HoH area has only one desire, to hear, and hear just about anything really.

My parent was deaf without an aid, my grandmother too, both spent a LOT of money investing in very expensive hearing aids that still could not counter the fact they were deaf, but ANY sounds they felt kept them in with a shout.  Noise WAS life to them, and that's the basic answer as to why people wear hearing aids.  It will be no use others suggesting they sign or such, or ridiculing them, basically they want only sound and any db will be ok.

To be deaf is to lose contact with others, Ms Keller made that point often enough, the reason why hearing aids are worn that still don't effect useful speech has that bottom line, and why near all HOH want deafness erased from the planet.  They drive near all research into that elusive cure. Unfortunately, HoH are unaccepting of their own foibles regarding what they hear, or how they see it being addressed. They are holding out for hearing nothing else will really do.