Sunday, 21 June 2020

R U D/deaf friendly?

deaf signedone, Deaf "but friendly" 6 Cm Round Badge | deaf still complaining mask-wearing is making life difficult for them, because the wearers won't take them off, but still refusing to use any alternatives.

Being deaf-friendly is using text, not sign language as we see with a complaint about a shop worker refusing to remove a mask for a deaf customer. 

Indeed most of the online deaf input is in text. I'm just wondering how much deaf engage WITH hearing groups anyway? It is easy enough as it is all text accessible.   If we want all views and stories then we have to engage with others. I do it all the time very rarely with deaf groups mainly because they lack topicality and talk about things that concern them only. I have to move outside deaf areas to know what is happening in the world otherwise. 

It can be alarming at times to see deaf who are so unaware of what is going on outside their own sphere.  Deaf campaigners really need to take note as nobody is going to listen to them or their awareness until they show they can engage. I don't think the lack of BSL access or lip-reading access is an excuse now they can hide behind.  There are dozens of text alternatives they can use.  So they would rather complain than adapt?

It is COVID doing this, not people trying to blank the deaf.  The issue of lip-reading isn't a deaf one, but a Hard of Hearing one who by far and by number, prefer and use lip-reading to any other access mode beside text. They reverted to text approaches and the 'Deaf' (who up until then were all sign using are now suddenly all lip-reading.)  Because they have accepted their BSL terps won't put up for them?  COVID has exposed some of the many flaws in the Deaf campaigns and they are now struggling to justify their 'preferences'.