Wednesday, 1 July 2020

ATR 'attacks' on deaf care deplorable?

The Whole Truth: Part 3 – A New LifeATR crosses swords with leading hearing loss/disability charities online as ATR suggested some Deaf are more trouble than they are worth in care terms...

#1 ‘have now sold off their deaf care too, more trouble than they are worth frankly’. I think the above comment is really disrespectful. Care services does tremendously good work with Deaf people and transforms their life for better. I know as someone very close to me rely on this service and it’s has been a life saver. So this comment isn’t very helpful and rather demeaning to those who use care service. It’s feels like a personal attack against those who need support from care service.

#2   I was quoting from their own site, you are saying they are not selling off deaf care? or, parts of the assistive device business? Their CEO printed it in January 2020 after suggesting they had cash flow problems. So dedicated to deaf care that is the first thing they sold off? It was no 'attack' it was a statement of reality if you require the statement from the site I have provided it. Passing the 'attack' buck TO needy deaf was a bit of a low. I expected better frankly (like you proving your own case)? 

The (AOHL), remit e.g, changed from care and support of deaf people to finding the cure and campaigning, good luck with convincing the cultural deaf with that... I could suggest such campaigning is beyond the capability of that charity as they failed to challenge systems and areas that discriminate. They are leaving London too.

As another poster stated said they have no membership percentage to act AS representative, no charity does. Ergo the AOHL 'represents' point 3% of hearing loss areas, the BDA 'represents' point 002% of their area. (Based on own declared statistics). Yet both have 80% of the voice.  We could suggest that is farcical and misleading to claim they represent anyone and just putting power in the hands of the few not responsible to anyone.

It may come across as blunt but there it is. As regards to deaf care, I don't think any charity has come up smelling of roses and the BSL ones are just as bad, ELDS, BDA, etc, too much-vested interest and bias as well as a failure to include.  In those respects, I feel quite justified in stating what a shower they were/are. 

Perhaps the sole advantage of selling off deaf care to private areas is they are easier to take to task when they screw up something charity appears to be immune to, they can do no wrong etc. Always when taken to task, we are 'attacking vulnerable people', we aren't, but we are challenging YOU/THEM.  I thought it strange a disability campaigner fighting the BSL corner where the overall cultural view is a rejection of disability status? (I blame awareness myself it is all a bit of a joke). It appears in regards to supporting needy deaf or hard of hearing charity has failed.

I am surprised any Disability area would risk getting in the middle of what passes for deaf or hearing loss awareness, most of us give it a miss!  Their support record on disability is almost negligible.  They only consider themselves disabled when funding comes around.

Historically it was inevitable because when disability laws were created charities were the first areas to renege on the rights aspects of it.  They saw a gravy train where they could take over support and care when they really were unqualified and under-funded to make that a realistic proposition, we saw it, charities didn't, deaf & HoH promptly stopped being members.  Charities were mugged, the state saw them coming.  What comes around they cannot wait to unload it all, no doubt blaming COVID so their failure is offset by a pandemic.

Support and care is a basic right, but it is CHARITY that has been the stumbling block to making it happen and still is.  Probably because they cannot compete with the desire for rights.