Thursday, 9 July 2020

BLM backlash?

Walmart under fire for selling 'All Lives Matter,' 'Blue Lives ...Not from racists but those who would support more equality. 

"What we all want to know is why welsh people are not challenging BLM (Newport S Wales), demands to 're-educate' us all in black history, remove parts of our heritage, re-define them and the welsh assembly doing a 'hit list' of place names in Wales to placate what is, an explosion of Marxist focus groupings intent on attacking the Welsh way of life who already hijacked the BLM campaign and caused assaults on the police and criminal damage.   Gross under-reporting of black crime is taking place too as media play it down, when your media is running scared we ARE all in trouble.

I lived in Ynys-ddu am I supposed to no longer refer to that village because 'Ddu' means black or dark? this is our history it will NOT change, it's our language, get a grip people and let us do what everyone else isn't doing, challenging aspects of BLM and the Senedd right to refuse to consult welsh people on what THEY want, we are being held hostage to groups who are NOT representative of us all, even of BAME areas, inclusion doesn't mean priority for just one group. They are entitled to fair play they are entitled to be taught how bad white people were 200 years ago, but that isn't now, it isn't US,  and attempting to force some form of indoctrination on us all is doomed to failure and will just cause resentment.

People who express concern are being called racists, then shut down, or attacked and expected to go on bended knee, is this 1930s Berlin?  It wasn't the western world who started slavery, BLM needs to read up on it.  The local paper published the BLM item, then blocked all feedback, online too, because they knew what was going to come, they know how many are against all this, it is NOT the right way to recognise discrimination, it is fostering more of it. Silencing dissent has never worked, neither has name-calling.

It is a licence for areas to exploit and control others when media and governments run scared of saying no. All it will do is spawn dozens of more righteous right-wing focus groups all intent on telling us what we need to do or think.  Of course, pulling down statues, and changing place names or removing them is ridiculous, history has already happened.  I'm no fan of Trump or the USA approaches and the pace at which the USA southern history is being demolished is alarming, without those references there is no history of black discrimination. Are Americans just to read the black version?  The USA is a country based on migrancy, who then proceeded to eradicate the indigenous population.  To be scrupulously fair the American Indian should be pulling down statues too.

My local TV channels are suddenly full of BAME presenters, did they suddenly decide (TV Channels) they need to get with it or something? they weren't there before.  I wonder if BLM knows it is being tokenised and patronised by a bunch of media hypocrites?  They remove history at their peril, allowing them to put their version is an attempt to change history too, who decides what is accurate?  I don't doubt a load of 'experts' will line up with own agendas offering advice.

By default can we now air all the atrocities committed BY black people against their own people?   Currently, it would be an issue holding your breath.  BLM is a pandora's box that can backfire on it all.  We have a petition here already to block the Senedd changing Welsh place names to English ones. Another attempt to 'level the playing field' in the English favour.  It's an issue ongoing here for 500 years.  The day won't come when I go on bended knee to anyone.  It's archaic and the 'fist' aggression.

The Welsh assembly is compiling a 'hit list', which is against the rules and will be challenged and no attempt to call us all racists is going to stop it. Its 'equality sector' is already a national joke. The 'list' BLM produced here is both a threat and a demand, but they aren't in control of their own area. Why are cricket players and other sports stars following the BLM thing? sport is supposed to be free of politics. 2 years ago they banned the use of wearing a poppy, which is recognition of millions of lives lost in 2 world wars, (including BAME ones), now there is some hierarchy of deserving recognition? 

'Black power' promotions 24/7, do they really think this has any chance of success with other areas?  The more they demand of us the less we will want to comply with it... if we can defy COVID 19, I don't give BLM much chance of changing things,  Brits do NOT like being told what to think, we prefer being asked. We already objected to BAME influences in sex and gender in education, migrants who come here adjust to our way of life not carry on as they never left their home countries. Our kids will not get an education if this carries on, it won't be the 3r's, but a relentless lecture on minority rights. UK education, training the focus groups and tomorrow's thought police.  (And they criticised China doing that.)"