Tuesday, 21 July 2020

2020 and still not really deaf..

An operator's concern about 0.5% sulphur cap from 2020 - SAFETY4SEAThey are still at it, when exposed for quoting 50yr old issues, they move goalpost to under 3 years of age to challenge the perception we deaf from years ago got a lot more support than they do. In fact, suggest support is worse...  This is 2020, it isn't 1950, or even 1888.

#1  I agree there is a difference between born deaf at birth to going deaf afterwards, but how many here are in that category? or have the same experiences of years ago? we have CI's, better hearing aids, and more focused education, as well as more inclusion now.  I should be so deprived!  Why make a big deal of it with OTHER deaf people? it looks like they treat us as second-class deafies.  It's hardly a privilege to struggle is it?  

#2 I get this all the time 'you don't understand deaf' not even deaf in the same position as me, is there some 'pecking order' on who is 'really deaf' and who isn't?

#3 I am profoundly deaf in both ears have been longer than some posters here have been alive, I can sign and have a born deaf partner, to be told I'm not really deaf is ridiculous.  I am not surprised they are isolated with that attitude.  I don't really feel empathy with such people telling me how deaf I am supposed to be, how long, or even how I communicate, I thought the idea was to widen horizons for the deaf not improving them in some false sort of community ethos that ONLY functions if you have no ambition to include yourself?  I'll pass!  

#4 It's a shame really there are a lot of deaf already out there and included, and adapting,  who could really help those struggling, they are frozen out by misguided deaf who believe only they matter, as they born with the silver spoon of deafness at birth, and attended schools in some field somewhere.  They celebrate that?

#5  This is online so is not on the street, and there they don't count with their negativity and strange views, so feeding their own isolation really and trying to make a virtue of it by blaming others, the penny is dropping and the system is more challenging them now.   As are other deaf.   

#6 They are pissing me off! This is 2020 and I can recall when 888 (TV access), wasn't available, the net wasn't around, we didn't have access to a phone, there were no BSL or lip-reading classes, no support to find work, when social workers ran deaf lives and read their mail, and deaf schools waged constant abuse on deaf children with impunity, jobs for the deaf were just two, men worked at labouring/woodwork, and females did sewing, mostly they got pregnant early and didn't work at all and got abused by their partners they were also from the 'good old days in a deaf school' background, which it wasn't for any of them.  Even their religious support abused them.

#7 I have to laugh when I see deaf 'concerns' now, they don't know they are born.  It's deaf of my time that went out and did things, not did youtube and rambled online about things they never experienced themselves by quoting other people's hard lives. 

#8 Nobody here can tell me what I know and don't, or who I am supposed to be. It is sad we have to patronise these deaf and feel sorry for them, but they cannot keep telling others what to do, who they are, and how to live and communicate, nor tell systems lies either.  I suggest they look up deprivation in the dictionary.

#9 It is a hard-core of well educated deaf monopolising things for personal gain it seems to me, running awareness campaigns that isn't etc and advising people to provide things we never use.  They get well subsidised and supported for it too.  I've lost count how many pointless access campaigns they run.  There must be a conveyor belt going somewhere. 'Who do we say discriminates against us this week?' etc.  What IS discrimination? seems to be an issue, either that or everything is.  I'm sure breathing will be at some point.

#10 I agree. The whole concept of demanding access and support for the deaf is based on non-inclusion, since if they are included their jobs aren't there.  They have apparently 342 focus groups. all doing the same thing, complaining!  Those who advocate some glorious cultural isolation and non-access don't do it themselves, its jobs for the deaf purists. They just manipulate the deaf vulnerable that's all and create more martyrs for a cause most of us don't support.  It's the era of fake news, memes, and hashtags.

#11 They cannot name a single cultural lobbyist who has not been well taught in English and supported to do what they want.  Others wouldn't have the wherewithal to blur the truth.  Paddy Ladd included, who was at University, to suggest HE and others like him are hard done by is ridiculous too.  I suspect even he wasn't old enough to remember Milan either.

#12 They advise others not to do as they do, but as they say.  The recent COVID epidemic has smashed down all their demands and exposed their duality of purpose, you cannot challenge a virus, by saying it is unfair.

#13 They went on to endorse 'Sign matters' and 'Deaf matter', didn't they? and BAME deaf tend to do their own thing and segregate.  I don't think INCLUSION really matters to them frankly.

#14  Like I said its personal GAIN driving these people. Whose interest do they really have at heart?  You challenge them they revert to personal attack or respond in sign and refuse to caption, or ban etc, it is designed to frustrate and re-enforce deaf isolation, show you they are right and who is boss, and the 'Deaf way' whatever that is, by spreading fear and loathing instead.  

#15 We should be isolating those people.  To be told by privileged deaf who have never gone without how it was when they were never there, defies belief. 9 out of 10 of them would panic if their phone battery died, get real!  Better still get some experience before sounding off on what we all want and need.

#16 but for areas like ATR/Reddit etc I doubt most of these comments would ever see an airing.  A truth lockdown has been a deaf norm for some time, and non-censored deaf sites are a rarity.  They claim it is to prevent deaf abuse then use it to abuse others themselves and snipe and undermine from closed site safety. They just cannot validate in the open forums so avoid or criticise them.