Sunday, 26 July 2020

Deaf-blind woman called a liar.

A deaf-blind woman and her teenager sister were verbally abused on a train after the young girl briefly lowered her face mask so that her older sibling could read her lips.

Karolina Pakenaite, who has Usher syndrome, was travelling to Southport with her 16-year-old sister Saule and guide dog when they were confronted by another passenger. Despite explaining that 24-year-old Ms Pakenaite's condition meant she was both hard of hearing and visually impaired, the woman refused to accept their explanation.

Their ordeal was recorded on a mobile phone as they travelled on a Merseyrail train from Liverpool Central on July 16. The woman can be heard in the two minute-long clip questioning whether Ms Pakenaite was really 'deafblind' after she was able to respond to her comments. 


ATR: So why are some deaf BSL sites refusing to acknowledge the LINK?