Monday, 27 July 2020

Dr refuses mask exemption for deaf man.

It was alleged on social media a deaf man in Wales (UK) has complained of discrimination after his GP refused to give him an exemption note so he would not have to wear a mask, the patient deaf suggested he needed to lip-read and also needed other mask wearers to lower or remove theirs so he could follow.

His Doctor said no.  The reasons for refusal, were, that as his regular patient of many years he had never presented as an effective lip-reader, or asked for a lip-speaker to support him, to all intents and purposes had never exhibited that he could lip-read effectively at all, and had always attended his surgery with a BSL interpreter, or a family member as support.  Indeed had just presented his demand with a hearing friend who said 'He can't lip-read much, he can't get an interpreter so I am helping him follow.'

The latest idea to request exemption notes from medical areas appears to have hit a wall of refusal. Many GP's suggesting deaf don't require exemptions if they sign they would need someone signing to them or translation help, not mask removal.  This suggests many current BSL campaigns have been misleading the general public by not really explaining issues of deaf awareness.

There was some light a the end of this quite dubious BSL tunnel by one area in Cambridge (England), who are offering 'cards' for a nominal fee, explaining difficulties deaf have with COVID at present, to its credit not using the lip-reading angle.

The only reservation I would see is that anyone can buy them, including hearing.  In 30 years of watching various cards come and go, few if any have actually been seen to work but...  They could also have suggested speech to text can be used as well as the deaf themselves using the apps on their phones, (if deaf show willing then others will too).

Read one response that was to a deaf video telling other deaf to 'stop whining' about masks.

It's been a long time coming but putting a stop to these excuses and campaigns for masks etc needed to be challenged. As said on another post a GP refused to exempt a deaf patient from wearing a mask because his claim he lip-read wasn't accepted. The deaf man had attended his GP for years with no lip-speakers and used sign language, so this deaf excuse had been rumbled. 

It also suggested deaf need to lip-read was a false demand because in essence many signers couldn't so campaigners were misleading the public as well. Now we need to put a stop to AOHL and the BDA still plugging this mask idea. PROVE you can lip-read then maybe it will be supported but, ONLY for yourself.

Some deaf are saying they need to lip-read when they can't?  Why would they do that?

The issue is that BSL campaigners demand SIGN LANGUAGE not lip-speaker support. With or without a mask if the other person doesn't sign they will have issues following. I am supportive of lip-reading, deaf are pretty rubbish at it usually, there are good lip-readers but they won't rely on sign will they? or find with a mask removal hearing are good lip-speakers either. 

You can be sure post-COVID the deaf demands will be for the sign again and NOT lip-reading! It's time deaf were more honest. They use aspects of facial features to follow and that is what they are wanting to supplement their visuals, but not lip-speaking. It would be better if they said 'We need to see your face, as this helps us to follow..' not, we need to see your MOUTH because we lip-read, when a lot actually can't.