Wednesday, 29 July 2020

When Social Workers were the norm

5 tips for booking and attending a medical appointment with ...On social media it was posted issues deaf were having to access the NHS, GP's, opticians, dentists etc.  

But one deaf woman wrote she had no issues whatever because she had ready access to a BSL Interpreter and a social worker as well as extensive family support, but a lot are not in that position and the fact the deaf lady was using TWO support systems, a BSL terp and a social worker every time raised a few eyebrows and responses...

We should be so lucky!  Deaf S.W. are an issue, remember years ago? deaf deciding they no longer wanted a dedicated social service? Young deaf felt the level of interferences in deaf lives by social workers was unacceptable and went for a right for a terp instead. 

Some deaf still uses family a lot, far too many in my view rely on them and that kills demand for interpreters OTHERS need. It also defeats NHS access because they don't have to provide trained help to you, this woman allowed her GP to phone her kids instead and then let them decide when an appointment was viable, of course the GP's used family for free as well, but the family are losing time out of jobs too.

There is no excuse for that most phones enable direct access now.  Some deaf are just lazy I know, and it is easier to let someone with ears do it all.  This is the system playing on the conscience of deaf families to save money, obviously family want to help, but it doesn't look good for deaf wanting or relying on that either.

Didn't the BDA defend their right to family reliance?

The BDA?  they are still there in the 1950s aren't they?

Many years ago social services for the deaf carried deaf clients from birth to death and all in between, e.g. read their mail or had it redirected to them, managed their money, took them shopping, attended courts on their behalf, what they should be doing or way of living etc. Deaf stood by and let them and were happy enough going to a deaf club and letting them do it all. 

No-one wants anything like that again!  Deaf are doing it for themselves now.

'Some' are.  There are still many access areas being empowered free by own family.  The deaf switched from one form of reliance to another. 60% of all deaf support is not by the system at all.

The deaf lady mentioned used a terp to access a social worker, because they, of course, they do not sign, so twice the cost for the system isn't it? 

It's not deaf money is it?

That is because a terp cannot act as advisors or social workers themselves and sign papers and stuff.  Social workers have a different and 'official' role altogether.  

I don't think a lot of deaf understand what a BSL terp's role actually is. Terps e.g. aren't recognised in courts as any sort of witness to proceedings, their own organisation makes this point, in the scheme of things, this means anything a terp tells a court a deaf person has said is hearsay technically.  

No interpreter will offer any guarantee what they interpret is valid.  Using a BSL interpreter means regardless if the terp has misunderstood you the fact you asked for them means what they say is what they believe you said. You can not refer back either.  A lot of deaf are not aware of that.

That is not what I am seeing.  I am seeing deaf ASKING interpreters to help make decisions for them on occasion because they don't follow properly even in meetings WITH social services.  Some treat terps as friends and that is not their role in officialdom.  Deaf need to distance themselves but don't.

The issue of their support is chaos and a lot of it their own making, god knows what their support or charities are telling them. Don't use family if they do not have a signing qualification, and of course, using family means you abandon your choice and right to them too. They may act in THEIR best interests not yours because it's easier.  Medical or legal Jargon can be beyond hearing family too, and if their level of sign is as mum taught them it simply won't do.

Redirecting phone calls to your family instead of you should not be allowed it violates privacy, I'm surprised there are still deaf allowing that.  If a deaf patient has NOT signed a waiver form in the surgery a Dr can be in serious trouble.  Deaf need to understand if they DO sign such a form they give their rights away, and have said their family are their carers too.

GP's love 'helping' deaf this way because it means they DON'T have to pay to provide deaf with a terp, or even use this system to avoid an interview with the deaf patient altogether, get wise... It's hearing making things easier for themselves.

You cannot get independence by relying on others, simples. I love my family, but I love my privacy and making my own decisions too! To that end, my child is NOT allowed to act as my support in any area, because that is MY duty as a parent. we don't have children so that we get free help.

If my GP started phoning my family instead of me he'd not be my GP any more!