Monday, 3 August 2020

YouTube Chaos

How to Pick the Right Search EnginePerusing the news for hard of hearing output on youtube, I found some rather unsettling statistics. At the time of the search, there were 467 posts labelled 'Hard of Hearing'.

80% had NO hard of hearing content.

48% were signed only in ASL.

Less than 31% were captioned.

46% were adverts that had nothing to do with any form of hearing loss, sign-language,  culture or deafness content.

Issues YouTube presented are via the search options, it appears the equation used for searching, can not differentiate between the deaf or the hard of hearing, or indeed Nova Scotia weather reports.  Another issue was enabling the search option to split up the definition search, aka 'Hearing', opened up links to meetings by hearing people none of to do with the deaf, political ads, even gardening tips (?), etc. and 'Hard' threw up pornographic links, and Stratigraphy.

Requests to google and youtube to offer up reliable and accurate searches have been ignored.  Also, requests to ASL areas to stop using errant 'tags' on their posts designed to mislead searches were ignored by them too. ASL users adding 'Hard of Hearing' tags to their own posts deliberately, and this apparently enables wider coverage, but, only for ASL because HoH content simply isn't there or the access FOR hard of hearing people.

The 'Deaf' also managed to obscure the actual terminology by changing the capitalisation, this meant it almost impossible to search for non-'Deaf' output, Google was circumvented it has no way to differentiate between Deaf and deaf, it then could not offer search choice. 'deaf' was 'Deaf' etc and hard of hearing too. 

Whilst there are deaf who claim to be hard of hearing (!), there are also hard of hearing claiming to be deaf as well (!), this has meant YouTube/Google et al are being rendered powerless to assist.  If 'Deaf' want a clear identity they are not going to do it, by blurring their own definitions.  Hard of hearing and hearing are simply switching out BSL and ASL output in frustration.  

Making them the minority they really are, and with no ability to get out of the corner they pasted themselves into. They succeeded in sidelining the majority, but has it helped them?  It hasn't made more supporters for their cause.