Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The case against the BBC.

BBC accused of arrogance as Ross's return is announced before ...Heated exchanges on ATR's social media (But not BBC social media they remove all complaints!).  

A number of posters objected to old people being forced to pay for BBC output which they believe is not value for money, and offers them no choices either.  They can watch ITV for free but are charged for the BBC they don't watch.

A number of complaints are very irate BLM e.g. were being handed a £100m to produce own output directed at attacking white people, and the BBC building expensive sets for a soap opera that few people are actually watching to the tune of £85m, and facing demands from millionaire presenters for higher wages... 

All at a time when the BBC is stating they need the money because they want to produce more of the same, the 8 channels with (6 non-viable), and all producing in excess of 63% repeated output on every channel.  With one producing 81% of repeats.  To top it all off, are sending all this ancient crap to 'Britbox' so they can charge you a second or third time to watch it. (if anyone is daft enough to do that).

"Yes media has been exposed by COVID as have a lot of areas been exposed for the duality of content etc.  People have more time to look at things in more depth and not liking what they are seeing."

"Social media is no exception but with COVID forcing a lot more people to use online sources and actually talking to each other seriously for a change instead of talking bollox and exchanging doctored photos of each other, and acting the goat on video, a lot more challenges are being made by people who would otherwise not care all that much."

"People probably able to afford all sorts of BBC alternatives and still happy to pay for the privilege of being able to avoid it.  Such people are not 75yr old pensioners!"

"We have seen the best and worst of it.  But media has come out pretty poor it has to be said.  Journalism appears to have disappeared as a vocation or as a skill.  Even basic spelling has gone.  Just cut and paste from social media, any idiot can do that. It's hit rock-bottom when we assume the Americans can read and write English better than we can.  They wouldn't know a vowel if it bit them in the bum."

"Lol speech to text with a lithsp."

"Stanley Unwin eat your heart out..."

"The myth that the BBC can do no wrong and is a 'superior 'answer to advertising sponsored output, doesn't seem to have been proven.  Rather than proving superior, the BBC has dropped standards lower than their competition, and been arrogant about it, the answer? 'Let's screw the old people get a few more millions to waste."  

"It's 'public broadcasting' remit has been hijacked by every weird and petty minority grouping that exists, under the guise of 'inclusion', hence why we are now seeing more BAME people presenting, more ethnic and gender-challenged, at the BBC abuse our hard-earned cash thrown at them so they can rant at us all.  I'm just waiting for David Attenborough to come on-screen about the plight of gay lemurs... or transphobic elephants."

"I'd watch it lol has to be funnier than what is currently on.. why not put it as a suggestion for their next program haha.."

"Maybe not lol their legal departments would have to work for a living, instead of ordering program makers to submit to the 3rd degree first.  I'm surprised the credits get aired."

"We can and do ignore it, but why are we forced to pay for it?"

"If you are ignoring it, they are wasting their time, aren't they?  I suppose as a job creation scheme for the boys and gals, and their focus groups, it's lovely jubbly.  You still pay."

"Nobody asked why the BBC had decided the last 50 years they shouldn't be seen or heard have they?  All of a sudden minorities are running the BBC show.  Suddenly minorities are majorities, you couldn't script it."

"If the BBC offered licence payers a choice then we would soon clear the BBC of output nobody wants to see, it is NOT the BBC's 'job' to lecture us on inclusion or content we should be seeing.  I don't pay for that. If you want that,  go and attend whatever awareness course they are running, god knows there are enough of them."

"What you need is a helpline to manage your frustration at the BBC.. why not ask them for  a spot lol"

"Stick these areas on their own  'BBC' 'Weird minorities' channel so the rest of us can move on."

"Not the answer, they are still spending your money. In retrospect they tried it with e.g. the deaf people who have not one but two dedicated areas, but, with next to NO viewers, not even by their own designated audience, but the BBC dumped the disabled version for that reason, or perhaps because the disabled went at them and slammed the hypocrisy, whilst the deaf kept schtum about the fact they were actually being sidelined and patronised.."

"Who ARE  these people at the BBC deciding what we should accept and what we should not? and then refusing to give us a choice about it?"

"We probably will never know and if we do ask, get called racist or something!  Chances are they blank you. Next question...."

"If I see 007 or any film older than 5 years, or any 'best of..' or 'another chance to see..' repeat, one more time my foot goes through the screen, give us all a break BBC and stop all the repeats, if you DON'T produce enough content to fill 8 channels then get rid of a few of them and thus save real money."

"There is UK Gold, if you want to watch all that stuff from years ago.  To be honest still the only channel worth watching."

"Cut the deadwood. Let us see a cull of pointless output, educate and entertain my arse, who is laughing? we haven't done that at the BBC since 1970.."

"They aren't bothered,  the government is still giving them the freedom to raid our wallets whenever they like, and to  put out whatever content they like..  If the Independent channels did that, sponsors would take them off air.."