Saturday, 15 August 2020

Deaf Education with Subtitles

Being Deaf Friendly.

Video: What is "Deaf-friendly"?
And wearing a badge to prove it?  Latest topic for discussion being as we are bored senseless with clear mask and lip-reading demands.  An area online selling 'Deaf Aware' badges and 'Deaf Friendly'? ones not meeting with complete support. 15 alternative views here.

#1 Why would I want someone with a badge?  I just get on with it. It is a pandemic, so normal rules do not apply any more and being friendly won't mean they should risk COVID for you, and I would not ask them to, would you risk it for them? 

#2 Deaf friendly? what on earth does that mean? We have to look for people willing to help? Are the ones without a badge the ones to avoid?
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#3 It is too dependent on where you go to meet people, mostly I don't move in deaf circles but pursue the life as per hearing on the street, I found with few exceptions near most would assist if I explained I couldn't hear, a lot of deaf refuse to admit they can't and blag it, get caught out get angry after, or ask if others to sign instead, pointless 9 out of 10 hearing won't be able to do that. 

#4 Deaf awareness has never worked because it's unrealistic to make it a demand even as a right. You can demand via the systems but to demand of the public, not going to happen. That requires YOU to make an equal effort.  So you only get back as much as you are prepared to give yourself.  It's probably the only way awareness can work.

#5  People respond better if you ask and try to meet them half-way, some won't? move on.  Just don't give up. 

#6 I've never seen a badge or awareness gig that ever worked and the lip-reading thing is a non-event, most of us CAN'T and we need to be honest about it. it's a 'tool' in our means to follow but works in tandem with other things, and those aren't always there.  

Deaf Awareness Training - Royal Association for Deaf people
#7  Assuming someone wears a badge saying 'deaf-friendly' or 'deaf aware', would we approach them for assistance? I would want a good lip-speaker, others would want someone who signs, but would we get either? most people cannot speak clearly, and sign users would want a lot more than a bit of fingerspelling.

#8  9 out of 10 deaf awareness courses/seminars or lessons do not contain enough to be of use to us. It's a cushy number for a few deaf charities or individuals to run them but they aren't enough to make awareness work for most.

#9 The sole advice is speak clearly and as normal or write things down because sign users would want a professional they aren't going to approach strangers with a badge. 

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#10 It would help if the badges said to what proficiency can they help. I've seen AOHL teach business and even local government awareness to their staff then found the people they taught struggled when faced with us, or couldn't be found when asked for.   There is no way of identifying who is aware.

#11 ABC fingerspelling and colour signs are really NOT enough to assist a deaf person who needs a conversation and explanation of something. The BDA awareness e.g. refutes speech and lip-reading and just do sign, with a bit of culture thrown in, which basically ignores 80% of us all.   I suspect 99% of hearing have no idea of the D/d thing either.

Print out helps deaf, hard of hearing drivers communicate | News ...
#12 Why would they? I don't give a shit for it either!  The only people capable of teaching our awareness is ourselves.  Others are just going to suggest what is best for them.

#13 It requires a 'norm', those with hearing loss just don't have one. For those who need an interpreter, nothing will change.

#14 We've been there done that. Deaf aren't really interested, its an HI thing.

#15 Yep, like HoH cards etc, Deaf never took them up.