Wednesday, 9 September 2020


Free BSL help to access the NHS.

Watford has spoken' - readers react to Dean Russell and Tories victory |  Watford Observer
But still no request for text or lip-speaking support? Formats the majority with hearing loss use. It would help if it was illegal for deaf sign users to use family and untrained friend support, this then supplies demand everyone can see, and prevents the NHS abuses of access via demanding deaf provide their own, aided and abetted by the British Deaf Association endorsing blatant amateurism in sign language support for the deaf as a 'Deaf right'.

For his information, there are NOT 150,000 BSL-using deaf, either in England, Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland, not even as a grand total, even the BDA (font of all BS regarding BSL statistics), never got to those numbers!    BSL access to the NHS has been a NORM for years also, as has video access, part of the issue is a deaf preference for people, and using Mum and Dad, not video.  Of course in the middle of a pandemic that is not going to happen on a realistic basis for a while.  The proof of access is in the take-up, and BSL take up has been quite low by default, and not by a reluctance to provide.

It is of concern politicians are backing campaigns that actually are non-inclusive and selective.  Even worse, using claims that are unable to substantiate, or force through, because the actual support area of interpreters cannot meet this fictitious demand for BSL, or even see it.  If they did they would have the work and learners the impetus to qualify.

[Requests for information as to what source he used and from whom got no reply].