Thursday, 10 September 2020

Taking Coal to Newcastle.

A video a few months old and looks like some sop to the European Union or they sponsored it.  Sadly it follows a lot of similar output nobody is going to look at.  The thing about deaf culture is that it produces nil awareness, it's taking 'Coals to Newcastle'  I.E. "Do or bring something superfluous or unnecessary, as in Running the sprinkler while it's raining, that's carrying coals to Newcastle. This metaphor was already well known in the mid-1500s, when Newcastle-upon-Tyne had been a major coal-mining center for 400 years."

You are 'preaching to the converted'  again I.E. "To speak for or against something to people who already agree with one's opinions.  Without adequate access for the mainstream to follow deaf people or their sign language, few are going to take any interest except a few deaf.  Having included two metaphors already, perhaps deaf culture is a third?

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