Wednesday, 16 September 2020

My educationalists are failing me.

I can do everything but hear...


Assuming we have:-

(A) A special school to attend.

(B) A means to follow hearing and speech without help.

(C) A family to support me.

(D) A professional sign language Interpreter.

(E) Text to speech support.

(F)  I can lip-read unaided.

(G) A trained lip-speaker.

(H) A social set up where I can avoid hearing people.

(I) A language only I and other deaf can use or understand.

(J)  Access to welfare benefits to pay for all the support I need and law to ensure it.

(K) Exemptions from restrictions other people are bound with.

(L) Concessions because I am disabled.

(M) That others understand none of the above is actual support but a legal right and empowerment.

(N) I am not expected to learn or acquire the language and grammar my country uses.

Other than that and half a dozen other essentials requirements, no problem.