Tuesday, 13 October 2020

A for Accessibility.


This is SignHealth using a 10m statistic to describe an access issue for a few 1,000 'Deaf'.  No figures were declared who they asked or how via their PDF downloads, nobody I know was consulted for a view.  Their own website listed just 93 contributors in support.  How the mighty have fallen from 24-85K to just 93.  But printed as 'deaf people.

There is plenty of signed access all you need to do is look for it, only one region of the UK does not have a BSL terp 'in view', that is England, all the other regions do, however, England does provide BSL access to its deaf but on a different channel (BBC News),  and Boris Johnson whom the 'Deaf' are going at was actually the very first politician to use an interpreter in March 2020, it was only when Downing Street updates commenced it became a health and safety, and practical issue to include one in person, so a dedciated BSL access slot was provide on the BBC News channel.

By far signed access is not an issue, but the difficulty, of an interpreter, being able to keep up with the complex details in the short time allowed.  As its stands with in-vision BSL access 65% of all detail is not signed, the terp hasn't the time, and the deaf audience varies far too much in comprehension, to satisfy all of them, or indeed most.  Just like your usual day to day support for BSL a Terp has to adjust to the person in front of them, obviously an impossibility for someone on a TV program.  So you will never satisfy all the people all the time, or even most of them.

Hence why the English access area took the option to put detail on a channel at length so deaf had that time to follow.  Which in retrospect seems the best option.  The issue as always isn't just when the access is there, but IF it can be followed effectively, at the time, or later in detail.  As always subtitling is there and extensive.   

Like most deaf (Or hearing in the UK), the problem currently is wading through the detail, and mind-boggling graphs and statistics, and here, deaf are at a complete disadvantage they haven't the ability to do it and rely on peers explaining, or, edited 'highlights' then they follow the herd view.  Just like clear masks and such are no use FOR a deaf person, it needs others to wear them, even then comprehension relies on the individual's skill.

It is not as simplistic as putting up an Interpreter for the deaf, that campaign is to profile sign rather than make a point it is sufficient access, as detail requires the length of time to follow and the media doesn't give anyone that time, politicians refer them to websites etc for that.  Perhaps a case for BSL websites, but there are to our knowledge already 9 dedicated charities already doing that.  ATR published them 6 months ago.  Which also included the same charity that published this 'survey'?

I'm pretty astounded they provide a BSL explanation themselves and get funding for that and then omitted to say so!  Obviously older deaf are struggling as many are not online and a number struggling to read titles etc, but we could suggest even signed detail is not going to go a long way in sorting those issues out as they are lifelong ones.

Accessing Radio

The World’s First Radio Channel for the Hearing Impaired - Frequen-See - BIGFM from ENTRY on Vimeo.