Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Deaf , Disabled or Hybrid neither?

'Deaf people are not disabled, they are simply disempowered and oppressed by hearing.'  There is no disability register etc... Oh dear here we go again, I blame COVID personally and deaf bored at home.   There is registration by deaf people if they utilise social services e.g. This is total distortion, initially, many deaf ARE disabled, the fact they don't 'think' they are is immaterial, special education, interpreter support, an inability to communicate in mainstream alone etc, the image of help and support is one the deaf community itself trolls out 24/7 and 365 days a year.  A seriously disabled area is the Hearing loss one, comprising of 10m of whom have (Unlike the  'Deaf'),  no support system nationally.

Ergo HERE is a list of 132 areas. The UK charity commision lists over 900 more.  Obviously, the deaf don't have problems! Being deaf is clinically registered as a sensory loss, your hearing failed.  With virtually no exception, hearing didn't cause it. The fact (As yet unproven), that many have overcome that doesn't mean everyone else has or is able. Calling support 'empowerment' has fooled nobody but the deaf themselves.  In essence, they are stating other deaf aren't disabled either, so speaking FOR the disabled and others without their consent.  

Like many other deaf, I was asked to register to get a reduced train ticket, and, a free bus pass, so did near 100% of my deaf peers, I nearly got trampled underfoot, also the old DLA allowance which deaf students in Derby on SEE HEAR said 'lovely jubbly a few more pints for free!'  The arrogance and attitude towards genuine welfare help and support were astounding. I also saw deaf peers who claimed reduced fees to Zoos, stately homes etc because 'they can't hear.'  That DLA allowance was to allow deaf people more help to get around.  I was also asked to register with the police so that in any issue I could use a dedicated line to get help.  They had published openly a deaf contact number after lobbies for that.

Like others I asked "Why do I have to register and hearing others don't?'  It was explained to me hearing people and even some CODA's had abused the public and published contact and sent spurious posts and false alarms to them, so by registering they knew the call was only coming from a genuine deaf person (who got a different number only after they registered), and they had the details (including communication support then), hearing people had also abused Minicom access too and tried to hack into police emergency systems.  It is far different now, where no issues really present themselves for deaf needing 999 help, the issue is still lack of awareness as to where that help is and activists insisting there isn't any.

The ONLY people, not 'deaf/disabled' are those who can manage with no support at all, (Or make 'scatter-gun' statements no deaf are disabled at all), how many of those are there? And, they are hardly showing a real example, are they? Some, are still claiming welfare help.  It's a right?  discuss!!  As stated if you have a bus pass, welfare payments, any concessions at all because you cannot hear, then you claimed to have a disability, did you lie?

If you aren't disabled then your support/concession/interpreters/arts funding etc are being claimed under false pretence surely?  Since being disabled is the criteria for eligibility.