Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Mainstream versus deaf schools

The government has to take into account everyone's view in that 9 out of 10 parents of deaf children are hearing, and legally responsible for their own children, and also, that state policy is inclusion via mainstreaming. 

There seem to be dual campaigns running, 

(1) Parents (And many deaf themselves), are demanding more support for deaf children in mainstream and,

(2) Deaf campaigners want to pull deaf children out of that and operate deaf schooling again but with BSL as a primary medium of tuition. 

Pie in the sky views but, what undermines the 'Deaf' campaigns is predominantly they DON'T have deaf children, so the state is going to go with the majority and parental view. 

ATR is a mainstream supporter personally because you cannot include deaf people by operating an exclusive system of education.   It's OK to be different but not to make a meal of it and lose the point.

There is little support for sign language for adults either, not all deaf people use sign language, also, the huge sea change and retraining of teachers to conform to the BSL view doesn't exist to make it work, there is no national program for it either.  We are told 95K UK signers exist but only 900 BSL part-time interpreters, logic suggests these deaf demands in education are unrealistic. 

As regards to the oral thing the premier deaf school in the UK IS an oral school (Mary Hare) and turns out the most highly educated deaf people.  Who in turn pretend to be born-again sign users so they can control campaigns themselves, claiming they are worse off orally when their very obvious qualifications suggest no basis for it.

Deaf campaigns come out all the time (I think they are breeding them somewhere), but I don't think any of them are based on realism or logic, but come from some view hearing are against signers. Indeed this is the main thrust of their claims and spreading paranoia via cultural rights.    Some sort of lemming syndrome except they are claiming they are pushed over a cliff and not heading at a pace to the edge with blindfolds on and claiming someone else put the cliff there.

As Mr Biden said yesterday opponents aren't your enemies they are your own people... your parents, your siblings, your friends, etc.  Deaf kids need an education without that, no deaf community, or at best one impoverished with no tools to break out of it.  Telling them the community will provide is plain lies.