Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Support Bubbles

The UK has agreed on a Xmas support bubble:

The big question we have to ask ourselves 'Is there a possibility I am taking an unwanted Xmas present home to my next of kin? a lethal covid infection? and if it is better we stay away until it is safer?'  Much criticism has emerged already that post-Xmas/January we will inevitably see a 3rd wave higher than before, is it better stay away at Xmas, and stay safe?  especially as it is inevitable a mad rush home is going to emerge.  

Ironically few if any trains or buses will be running for those 5 days anyway, and we suspect the various governments are trying to be too clever by offering this travel option for 5 days at a time when travel is difficult anyway, they really do not want people travelling across the country from high covid areas, so why offer that option?  So they can blame us who took the bait?  Sounds irresponsible to us...

What the UK governments said:

Up to three households will be able to meet up during a five-day Christmas period of 23 to 27 December, leaders of the four UK nations have agreed. People can mix in homes, places of worship and outdoor spaces, and travel restrictions will also be eased.

But a formed "Christmas bubble" must be "exclusive" and would not be able to visit pubs or restaurants together. The leaders urged people to "think carefully about what they do" to keep the risk of increased transmission low. They added 2020 "cannot be a normal Christmas" but family and friends will be able to see each other in a "limited and cautious" way.

However, some scientists have warned that the relaxation of Covid restrictions over the festive period could spark another wave of infections and further deaths.  The measures will see travel restrictions across the four nations, and between tiers and levels, lifted to allow people to visit families in other parts of the UK.  Anyone travelling to or from Northern Ireland may travel on the 22 and 28 December, but otherwise travel to and from bubbles should be done between the 23 and 27.

People will not be able to get together with others from more than two other households, and once a bubble is formed, it must not be changed or be extended further. The guidance says a bubble of three households would be able to stay overnight at each other's home but would not be able to visit hospitality, theatres or retail settings.