Monday, 30 November 2020



I could have gone deaf, what's that like?

I have been deaf 50 years I don't have a sign name why? lol  Do I need one?


Bit more common sense and practicality here which identifies the fact most deaf and certainly the majority with hearing loss, don't actually use sign language, but have other means and needs to follow.  The danger is quoting statistics of hearing loss and confusing that with the minor statistic of deaf people and an equally smaller area of those who rely on sign language.  Sadly 'awareness'; tends to concentrate only on this minority who sign and project them as a majority, either by default or by deliberation.  

The UK has an alleged (But unvalidated figure), of 95,000 deaf signing people, but only a need for approximately 900 sign language interpreters who work part-time.  Compare that with another figure of 12 MILLION with hearing loss none of whom rely on sign language, then we tend to gain perspective.  To dismiss this signing area is to make a mistake since they are the most effective area selling their issue to the public at large.

It is sadly to the detriment of real awareness because of spurious claims and a determination to polarise campaigns to the extent of non-inclusion of others, and this tends to be because the majority with hearing loss never challenge anything they say or do because they may feel they are discriminating or, fear cases brought against them in that cause if they do challenge.

Unfortunately, this allows the more extreme elements in that signing community to make all manner of outrageous claims and attack the educational or medical intervention systems trying to enable the deaf to manage a society based on hearing and speech.  So a 'back to the future' system can be reintroduced where all deaf are educated together and presumably via sign language alone.  Few believe this is viable or even wanted by deaf people and the statistics such as they are bear it out.

There is still a determination for deaf and hearing to not mix and accept 'each to his or her own', when the only answer is to attack that premise or inclusion is lost.  Knowing sign language alone then only enables more work for support and help, and still limits who you can interact with.  It is little use then insisting deaf are being ignored or discriminated against, communication is the leveller, not the courts.

The 'Deaf' community needs to look to the facts of inclusion and then ask, what they can do to lower the barriers and make inclusion a reality and not an issue of we will take some of it but not all of it and only then on our own terms, because it doesn't work that way.  Deaf education has failed and is still failing today, for different reasons.  Logic suggests we address the rot that starts at day one and NOT at the adult stage when adapting is no longer viable for many and ripe for exploitation by areas of deaf extremes who tell them hearing have it in for them.  It is all part of a drive for the 'Deaf' to do own thing regardless if that actually works in mainstream or if the majority of them want this.

What we have seen over the years is a deliberate attempt to distort facts by some areas to bolster their point, and lately, via COVID it has all been exposed as many deaf have been isolated mainly because they have no means to communicate outside own area.