Thursday, 10 December 2020

BDA in decline

Despite this ageing charity for sign users blocking feedback (and refusing to respond to concerns of deaf people and threatening own members with legal actions if they do to prevent them going public), they still churn out promotional adverts to deaf people off their own site, and there, is where they have to respond to them.  Or do they?

"What can we do to enhance deaf membership of the Brish Deaf Association' given it has lost 70% of its membership over the last few years and is looking increasingly irrelevant to sign users, and replaced all their trustees twice in a  year?"

"Dropping the sign exclusive nature of the BDA would be a start they don't have the right mind-set to enable deaf people. Only point 2% of all deaf people have any historical or genetic link, 9 in 10 of their parents have hearing. But for the ridiculous application and gravitas being given to deaf rights the deaf advance would have much higher than it is now, they cannot attain inclusion or real access via their current chosen path."

"They are going to have to justify what they are asking for and that means outside the wall they have built to hide behind. 12m with hearing loss are outside their gates and twice or three times as many other deaf are too, but excluded because they don't sign or something."

"I've lost patience with these people,  there is no perspective in the 'Deaf' area just an ongoing diet of hearing paranoia being dished out 24/7."

"Mr Buxton is obviously still adopting the position of the BDA, he is getting nowhere doing that. Any politician knows he has to include and appeal to the widest sector possible, instead he champions a lost cause of a minority, an otherwise admirable underdog stance, but he won't find any hearing voters or HoH ones offering him their vote."

"The Achilles heel of the BSL community is their determined ignorance of the world outside it and a reluctance to find out, or get involved, turning a deaf ear to inclusion is one of their least endearing traits."

"It is amazing the deaf community in 2020 is still buying into the hype the BDA is the sole saviour of the deaf sign user, their membership doesn't reflect it at all.  One wonders how long it's history can sustain them with a policy that is still locked in the 19thc.."

My least favourite things.

If music truly be the food of love, then for god's sake up the volume a bit.

My least favourite things.

Deafhood on deaf blogs, Audism on web sites,

Confusing viewpoints, on rights and empowerments,

Facebook meanderings,  deaf twittering strings

These are the least of my favourite things.....

Blogging and Tweeting, and vlogged sign language

My mode is better, than ever your own is,

Can't lip-read at distance, hear no doorbells ring.. 

These are the least of my favourite things.

When the mods bite

When the view stings

Then I feel so sad,

I simply remember they're all very dim,

And then I don't feel ...... so bad. 

Deafies who sign but who never subtitle

Worship deaf authors then make them deaf idols

Replacing speech with hand waving means

These are the least of my favourite things

'ist' and 'ism's' and 'phobes' are all  around me

We are all told off and all very soundly

Maybe if we all play the game

then we will all .... be the same?

When the mods bite

When the view stings

When the sites close down,

I simply remember it's all very sad

And then I don't wear a frown.

Online or offline, we talk without barrier?

don't need to be geeky,  but could be much happier,

We skype and we text, and translate everything

Those are a few of my favourite things.

Apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers.