Saturday, 19 December 2020

Deafies complain about hearing actors

Playing deaf people.... not everyone agrees.

#1 In the book when Nick meets Mother Abigail in his dreams he can talk and hear fine so a deaf actor would not work. Funny though as well how Larry Underwood is white in the book but black in this version yet no uproar from anyone about that.

#2 I think it would be easier for the director to convey his wishes to a hearing actor.     Let’s get off our high horse for one second and breathe.

#3 A deaf person does NOT have automatic rights to all acting jobs involving a deaf character.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Veni, Vedi, Vici!

 (A bit of the Latin to make this blog look more educated than it actually is).  It is based on a  recent Xmas letter response sent to a long suffering relative.

Hola fellow sibling! As you rightly pointed out on your recent recycled Xmas missive,  Wales is in the doo-doo at present, but as you will know welsh people tend to not be told anything so we have enough covid to supply any country in the world with if they run a bit short.   We've even got a new strain of it, and Avian Flu as well, so our cup runneth over really.  

I'm just waiting for an outbreak of the black death to round off the year or a dose of bubonic plague to provide the icing on the cake.  Boxing day we are all on total lockdown until god knows when with no end date. Merthyr Tydfil is painting red crosses on the door there, so those who think the plagues of Egypt were the ultimate in defying him upstairs, need to understand we are fast overtaking that and with 21stc technology.  Spot the people who DON'T have covid is the current vogue now.   Apparently, I stand a fair chance of a vaccination assuming I get that far, in April next year, (sooner if my peers succumb before me), so the only way is up.

Hospitals are not taking any customers unless at death's door with covid, so e.g. if you have cancer in S Wales, tough titty, you need covid to get by the door, remember the rule get the virus get one other issue treatment for free.    Patients subject to strokes or heart attacks are advised to undertake them in their own home, but there is a helpline mostly manned by bored students trying to earn a quid whilst being locked up in Uni for the duration to prevent them infecting everyone else, (at least until Xmas eve then they can infect whoever they want legally).  The helpline isn't a 999, but a costly premium private line of some kind to prevent people really ill, messing them about, the call centre has now been resited in Nigeria, so UK students can go home and kill their oldies, so some experience of  Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fula, and English Creole would be helpful if you need to make a pointless call for help

The good news is that crematoriums WILL stay open around the clock so there is no hanging about, and you can toast your marshmallows free for the duration while crumpets can be purchased at a very reasonable price alongside the chapel. There are few if any hospital operations and check-ups either, ambulances won't come unless there is a danger the patient can die, even then, they can wait up to 19hrs outside the hospital in the ambulance until they get treated or until they do cark it, so think before you call, is your life really of use to anyone else?  The local hospital is a mile from us, (or a kilomingle and a bit as we are still in the EU for the next few weeks), and taking no patients in at all and has closed A&E depts everything is an emergency. 

The last thing the NHS need is more sick people clogging the place up, but that is all immaterial at present as the biggest and most serious issue dominating Wales, is the closure of the pubs unless you buy scotch eggs with your wine, but because we objected to the eggs they decided to stop the booze. We insisted getting paralytic at home isn't as much fun as doing it in the gutter in the city centre face down in a regurgitated pizza or a second-hand takeaway, the pub ban is a direct assault on our freedoms, and on our right to be as idiotic as we please.

The right to get pissed and to round it all off with a stabbing or two or a punch up is the corner-stone of welsh life, I can go with renaming welsh place names after obscure slaves like Dai Akabuto now and then but....  What next? will we all have to speak welsh or  Urdu or something?  Our young people are getting a bit miffed by it all, i.e. the ones not drugged out of it, and can spell miffed, or not sticking laughing gas up their nose for fun.  Our youth insist it is only old farts like us who can die of covid so why not just get rid of them? so life can go on for what passes as sociality for people under 50?  Which is a moot point I suppose.  

After all, old people have had it any way they don't work or pay taxes, and it can save the country loads of dosh by not having to pay them pensions, so it is logical to finish them all off early really, given making them work till they are 90 or have shuffled off what mortal coils they had left hasn't done the job. They say most of us are senile or have dementia so we won't even know if we have covid, why bother to vaccinate them?  Methinks our caring society has taken a bit of a knock really.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it won't be the one that connects us to Europe, as Boris is deciding how best to flood it again to keep the burghers of Brussels out, it looks like the EU 40yr long war (Led by the Neo-Vichy), to overrun the U of K has failed, as we are deciding to fcuk it all up on our own, it is after all, what we Brits are best at.  We told the French any attempt to nick a few cod from our bit of water means the navy is going to sink a few french trawlers to concentrate their minds and an outright ban on sparrow burgers and snail exports, they want to play hardball that is what they are going to get.  

The Germans are objecting to Brits ruling themselves, claiming a few panzers can do the job a lot more effectively citing Poland as a prime example.  The French still want a right to pillage our territorial waters, the other EU members (mostly ex Russian states in the eastern bloc), are demanding their right to come here and use our NHS, our schools, beg on our streets, send 100s of prostitutes here, and operate paedophile rings just as they do at home, where it is a right enshrined by the EU, while the French insist on flogging illegal immigrants leaky boats to come here and claim us leaving, is killing that trade in France leading to mass unemployment,  so bleating 'Non' at everyone within hearing reach is de rigour.   

UK employers are also insisting armageddon is due on  January 1st 2021 and leaving Europe will have a huge debilitating effect on UK business, forcing them to abandon the slave trade which made Great Britain a major power, (More like a 15 watts bulb really). The welsh parliament/government/assembly/Senedd whatever, decided when we voted to leave the EU, that welsh voters needed to be sectioned and covid has proved a valuable ally in them doing that.  They also managed to delay a new election in case we decide to have mass street hangings of politicians, or insist they take a competency test.  However the much-warned threat of paying out £5B quid to trade with them backfired a bit, we pay them £15B at present so we will save by leaving and still get the trade.

Rumours abound that Facebook is inserting computer chips in the vaccine are unfounded (It's Mr Putin and that funny french bloke with a limp).  The Senedd also insists that the queen of England and her entire family are really lizards from Neptune, so at least we are still getting the facts.  The only chips welsh welcome are the ones with Cod. Since Wales is now leading the way with covid infection, more sour grapes have emerged from Europe which has seen Germany and France responding in kind with, 'our lockdowns are bigger than yours..' and even 'Italy has more dead than you..ya boo!'

Anyone wondering WHY the U of K, or the principality of Wales voted out, that can be no longer wondered about. Are we downhearted about covid? not really, but the closing of our pubs and the limits on our obese and drug addicted, won't be tolerated.

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

The Census (UK) can't count?

ATR contacted the national census recently via a request for suggestions and inclusions, ATR sent them this:

"After reading and contributing to the last census (And recently being asked to contribute pre census again), I was concerned at the inclusion of the question regarding sign language (BSL) usage, as there was no question or clarity as to whom the question was aimed at or pertained to.

You will know stats better than I do, and see the total abuse of statistics online and charity-wise re various campaigns, but during the last census many claimed to be users of BSL who actually were not, and did not have hearing loss either, they were heavily lobbied by various focus groups to suggest higher usage than was actual.   In short, an attempt was made to create demand to promote their cultural point, should there not be more scrutiny on how topics and questions are included?  As it emerged, they complained after not enough people said they signed.

We suspect the National state census was probably hijacked via cultural pressure. Questions like are you deaf? do you know sign language? will offer no viable feedback to the census, because it does not define if it is daily or only means, nor does it require an answer to the user proficiency of it, it relies on the individual self assumption and own assessment that may not be medically, statistically, or support validated or recorded anywhere. E.G. 9 out of 10 do not KNOW how deaf they are, let alone what really is most effective communication for them.  No assessments of that are ever done, only db loss is definable.    

Whilst clinical identification of hearing loss and deafness IS validated, nothing else is as regards to community, culture or communication used as the law via the Data Protection Act prevents anyone being thus identified. If we are going by (As the state apparently still is), by what charities state themselves is the figure then where is the actual stat to be found? or the needs defined?   After all, the census designs the questions with regards to identifying present and future need provision.  Under current assumptions a complete lottery as it stands.  If we wanted to define need then surely gathering support provision statistics is the only way to know?  E.G. how many have requested help with BSL?  I quote your own output:

"Everyone benefits from the census. It informs decisions nationally and locally on vital services and issues like diversity. Ultimately it ensures millions of pounds are invested in emergency services, mental health care, school places, hospital beds, houses, roads, GP’s and dentists’ services based on the information people give. We’ve made it easier for people to complete the census online on any device, with help and paper questionnaires for those that need them."

If true then the decision to enter a 'loaded' question 'Do you use sign language' in the last census did not identify those in need, or indeed those who use or have proficiency or reliance on BSL, as those identifying questions were not included.

We can all quote meaningless charity statistics which bear no relation to accuracy because they create them themselves and do not require validated proof and because there is no way to prove them.  There may be e.g. 12m with a hearing loss, but not 12m using sign language, or 12m lip-reading, or 12m deaf.  Claims there are 95/109,000 daily using sign language in the UK the census has not validated that simply because they did not demand actual proof of it.  They rely on the user response but fail to identify that user.

What is the point of the question inclusion if you accept you are not going to get anything like an accurate answer to identify the point of the census which is to identify the need?  Is it not a guesstimate?

I would be obliged if you can clarify how the next census intends to pose the BSL question and if it is being hamstrung by other demands of culture to confuse the issue of hearing loss?  As it stands anyone can quote any statistic, should not the census be leading the way on this as a government agency?

Census Response:   Everyone benefits from the census. It informs decisions nationally and locally on vital services and issues like diversity. Ultimately it ensures millions of pounds are invested in emergency services, mental health care, school places, hospital beds, houses, roads, GP’s and dentists’ services based on the information people give. We’ve made it easier for people to complete the census online on any device, with help and paper questionnaires for those that need them.

The next census will be held on 21st March 2021 in England and Wales and results will be available the following year. However personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations.

About the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The Office for National Statistics produces the numbers that matter most– on the economy and business, people, population and communities. Operating impartially and free of political control, we are mobilising the power of data to help Britain make better decisions and improve lives.

Obviously, deaf cultural promotion IS political (It's a rights campaign), to suggest the Census is free of that pressure is false, the very inclusion of BSL and including deaf as a cultural minority not disabled e.g. defies those claims. If deaf BSL users are deprived and do have over 100,000 users then, the obvious statistic of less than 900 part-time interpreters to serve them would indicate intense deprivation but, this isn't the case.  It is also factual less then 20 deaf schools exist and no will by the state to create a BSL curriculum either,  Is the campaign to create an artificial demand to bolster the 'Deaf' cause?

As it stands I am unable to complete your census form until I receive clarification on the question.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Should you try to sign to Deaf people?

Online is full of deafies and deaf wannabees, do-gooders, charities, and plain private enterprise hoping to pick up customers, flooding the place with the deaf ABC of sign etc, but, has it much hope of any success without the cooperation OF deaf sign users?  The carrot with the stick approach lead, is no way to facilitate communication.  Deaf need to lighten up.

E.G the main response has been "Don't sign at deaf people unless you are proficient, deaf expect people who sign to be able to converse fluently and many hearing rapidly run out of signs to that, you need to understand also, that deaf don't welcome hearing  into the 'deaf space', without an invite first, no matter how well-meaning, they need to respect deaf protocols on privacy and community norms..."

Why not just tell people to go away!  So a pretty dire 'warning' before you even attempt it on the street.  However, if deaf maintain this stance then it will deter hearing people learning to communicate with them, they will instead respect that deaf space to your ultimate deaf exclusion, be careful what you 'demand' seems the order of the day here.  We know the real reason is the deaf have nil confidence or experience or training on how to facilitate others, they're just taught everyone must adapt to them because they can't adapt to anyone else, which totally undermines any campaign for inclusion and makes it a non-starter...

The Deaf signer needs to allow the hearing to sign to them as it is the only way to break down communication barriers, we all have to start somewhere and from a position of suspicion and demands first, it is not going to happen.  You cannot expect they will know how the deaf do it, if that way works with hearing anyway.  

If hearing are told don't do that, don't 'invade' deaf spaces and must follow deaf 'protocol' then the only people who will sign to them or go on to learn it properly will be care providers, charity workers and interpreters,  not the man or woman in the street, who are the ONLY people to make deaf inclusion work.

What is 'deaf protocol' anyway, but a means to deter involvement with others? or some sort of 'protection' from hearing invovement?  Not everyone who tries to communicate is an enemy of some kind!  Deaf awareness is never aimed at the people who need to be aware, that is the deaf themselves.