Monday, 21 December 2020

Beyond the 'Hive'

Oops ATR on the defensive as Deaf defending their ID insist being deaf is all and there is no individual just a 'HIVE' of some kind?  Obviously 'Just' being deaf isn't enough.... you have to play follow the leader as well.  So OK WHO do I have to talk to?

#1 Doesn't the person come first not the disability? I'm myself first and foremost deafness is just one reality that's all. It's a bit disconcerting this worship of deafness while we are all trying to overcome it.

We shall overcome

We shall overcome

We shall overcome some day


Oh, deep in my heart

I do believe

                              We shall overcome some day

#2 Overcome?!? Where have you been? Many of us aren’t even trying to ‘overcome’ it, we’ve embraced it and it’s our identity. It’s not worshipping it, it’s ACCEPTING it and embracing it.

#1 Good for you. It does seem rather obsessive to those of us not born with it, but then we are the ones truly disabled by it so know what real hearing loss is, and the effect it has on those who lose it unless you do you are coming from the wrong direction. I accept I am deaf because there is no option but I am not rolling over for it.  

Being deaf isn't sign, culture, or community exclusive or I would be hearing. We obviously do what we can to support alleviation or even a cure (if that is ever possible), so that others who acquire it can have some hope. 

Without hope captions nor signed access supported would ever have happened or would have been asked for and 'Deaf' would be happy enough with a terp in tow, relying on family, or a social worker doing your talking like some latter-day ventriloquist, since reliance is the only 'ID' most see. We DO accept it as a disability perhaps we don't accept there is nothing to be done about it. 

Deaf see it that way too if the welfare allowance claims are anything to go by!  Culture gets you no welfare payment, deafness and sign use does. Nobody is demanding you get hearing even if possible, it's your choice. Those happy being deaf and isolated that is up to them, it would not do for me or for 12m others.   I thought deaf campaigners were for access and inclusion?  the road OUT of that setup?

Nothing is written until we all write it. I just feel it sad there are people who struggle to have their own ID, and have to change their name with a capital letter to be seen. Its never been a problem to me as I have seen both sides of the fence and know what I prefer. I rather suspect if or when any 'cure' emerges, we will be trampled underfoot by those wanting it. That is a real choice.  I'm pretty certain parents will agree too.  Why would they want kids to struggle if they didn't need to?  You would defy parents too?  Dodgy ground!