Friday, 2 April 2021

Canvassing the deaf youth vote.


Lowering the voting age in Wales was a Labour party idea who are struggling to maintain control in Wales after 22 years having a free run, but who now are facing real opposition from other parties after an abysmal performance the last 10 years, because focus groups infiltrated the party, only intense hatred of conservatism has kept them there, but the smart money suggests a coalition of chaos, will deaf youth even vote? 18-21's haven't so far!  

NOTE: Mike Hedges should be interesting, in being a member of the cross-party group on sensory loss, he will no doubt explain why, grassroots are not allowed a voice in the Senedd and only charity can put your case.  Why vote for people like that?  Should we be suss, that the RNID pushed this advert, and given they withdrew because the Senedd wouldn't pay the deaf access bill to the committee, which hasn't HAD a meaningful meeting in the last 4 years? How many have are even aware such a committee exists?

For the first time, 16 and 17 year olds in Wales will be able to vote in the Senedd election! This means the views of young people are needed now more than ever.  The elections are happening soon so there will be lots of campaigning, debating and voting. Find out more about the Senedd, elections and what MSs are below!

What is the Senedd?

The Senedd is the Welsh Parliament.

Elections are held across Wales every 5 years.

The next election is this year on Thursday 6 May 2021.

The party that wins the most seats at the election forms the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government has led the coronavirus response in Wales over the past year. It makes lots of decisions that affect our daily lives. This includes areas like education and health services.

This is the first time 16 and 17 year olds can vote so politicians, called Members of the Senedd (MSs), will need to listen to the voices of young people more than ever before.

What do these elections mean?

Labour is currently the largest party in the Senedd.

This means they run the Welsh Government with the help of the Lib Dems’ Kirsty Williams.

The Conservatives are the second-largest party in the Senedd and are the ‘official' opposition.

Plaid Cymru are close behind as the third-largest party.

All of this could change after the elections. Elections give voters the chance to highlight issues that matter to them.

What are MSs?

MS is short for Members of the Senedd.

There are 60 MSs in the Senedd and they each represent a constituency or region in Wales.

40 MSs represent 40 different constituencies and a further 20 represent 5 regions in Wales.

Each MS represent their constituency in the Senedd by raising local concerns and issues.

Have your say!

We are running a Welsh Elections & You online event for deaf 16-25 year olds in Wales. It takes place on Thursday 15  April at 7pm – 8pm. At the event, you can ask politicians about important issues. Whether it’s about deafness, coronavirus, lockdown, schools, access to further education, mental health and support – these are topics politicians are concerned about, and probably have different opinions on! You can sign up to this exciting event by visiting our event page.

The MSs joining us at the Welsh Elections & You event are:

Mike Hedges – Labour. Member of the cross-party group on Deaf Issues.

Laura Anne Jones – Conservative. Shadow Minister for Housing and Local Government, Equalities, Children and Young People. (add photo)

Dai Lloyd – Plaid Cymru. Chair of the Cross Party Group on Deaf Issues.

Jackie Charlton – Liberal Democrat. Jackie is profoundly deaf and uses cochlear implants and has a Hearing Dog for Deaf People called Lucie.


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