Sunday, 4 April 2021

Is deafness a disability?

I think 'Deaf' perceptions are!  Social media HoH-wise definitely NOT agreeing with cultural followers or their view!

Deaf? Obsessed?

#1  What’s wrong with being disabled? Our society sees disability as lesser or a negative thing and this needs to change. I’m deaf and I am disabled, not by my ears, but by society. If all children learnt makaton/sign language from a young age, life would be so much easier for us all and it would be less of a disability. Very soon, more and more will lose their hearing due to technology, music and earphones and when more are affected, more will be done.

#2 Still turning out that old chestnut? the blame game?  DOH!

#3  I cannot think of any way in which Deafness could NOT be a disability!!

#4 Of course, deafness is a disability, especially for 10m of us who have hearing loss or gone deaf, the true definition of disability is LOSS, those who never had it to lose, are in no position to offer comment on it as they have no ability to compare.  We can because we have seen and lived both versions.

#5  The trauma is real and can last a lifetime. It is very unhelpful for 'deaf-rights/cultural merchants' to insist it isn't an issue, given their image is one of reliance on carers, family, friends, and interpreters, and relentless demands for help, access, and support, whilst claiming the HIGHEST amount of A2W welfare payments in the entire UK disability world.  40% have mental health issues.  They just make themselves look more confused, or worse, obsessive and sectarian.

#6  Calling their isolation and disability a culture to defray the reality, isn't fooling anyone but themselves the image, says it all...  all rather sad really.

#7  They don't represent anyone but themselves, but their campaigns have had a major impact on undermining support for others NOT them, so it's time we challenged it and that daft D and d thing which just means discrimination and done nothing, for them, or anyone else but cause rows. 

#8  They are looking a bit paranoid at present, they can move the goalposts as often as they want but with only one side playing their game, with their own rules, it isn't much of a match!  If the aim is inclusion nobody can see that.  Unless access leads to inclusion it is all a smokescreen and BS.

#9 Don't encourage them for goodness sake lol.

#10  That photo sums it up, they live in a world of their own, but still suggesting they want out of it, fakes.

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