Sunday, 10 January 2021

The Deaf Cure, yes or no?

It is surprising there are still huge distortions being aired by Deaf signers online regarding the 'Cure' or indeed, any form of alleviations on deafness or hearing loss.  A lot in this video is actually misleading, and incorrect.  One contributor was annoyed an option to ascertain in the womb of a child had Down's syndrome, or deafness etc, there isn't an accurate test to determine deafness at that stage.  As regards to putting people in 'planes and doing 'loop the loop' to cure deafness, that is ridiculous and doesn't happen.

We can point readers to deaf health sites that encourage alleviation and mediations/supplements to take by pregnant deaf women to prevent Down's and most deaf women take them, is there a difference in the value of a Down's syndrome individual that is unworthy of life, but a deaf one is?  This raises all sorts of ethical and moral questions surely?  As does the repeated claims deafness is no disability, of course for millions of us, it really is, it is classified as a sensory/clinical loss.  It has 1,000s of variations as well which means the 'global' statements issued by deaf activism has no basis on truth.  A veritable and absolute definition of 'one size fits all'. As does all deaf sign and have a deaf culture is a myth promoted as a truism..

Using a child in the video was deliberately playing to the activism gallery, (And beneath a parent to use a child this way), in that no child is going online with a parent wishing they were something else, they don't know anything else.  Actually, there are many CODA's who will state their experiences are not the same at all, after having parents relying on them 24/7 to manage the world outside their own often for a lifetime, we don't see their views aired.  Personally, I cannot see any deaf person who has common sense buying into these distortions and the bias borders on fake news.

Research has produced CI's, better hearing aids, text and signed access to media, phones, and the genetic promise of a real cure etc, all of them promoted by deaf people and embraced, but the bottom line these deaf claim of some sort of 'deaf genocide' or attack on deaf people does not hold any water.  Access is an issue, but different deaf wants different access, so a deliberate attempt to keep deaf out is unproven, nothing is black and white and certainly, managing hearing loss isn't.  

Nobody can be coerced to have their deafness removed, (Even is that was currently possible which it isn't), what is ominous is deaf extremism attempting to prevent any sort of cure or alleviation happening at all, even when they have a choice to reject any cure themselves, they want to restrict choices for others.

Why advocate limited or no choices for anyone else?  The issues surround communication, not cures, and it is time these deaf fessed up to it.   To sign or not to Sign? to utilise alternatives?  or not?  Nature? or Nurture educational approaches?  It is particularly striking deaf extremism is a USA thing, perhaps a misguided view of what choice really means, we can look to their recent issues on their own populace storming their Capital as an example, or the sacking of headteachers who offer alternatives and other options to sign language in deaf schools, to meet that fabled 'choice' the USA is so proud of.   It means we all choose to sign or not to have a culture or not or to take a cure or not, simples.  There is no proof that any deaf person is being forced to stop being deaf.

If we are talking a child then that choice is a parental one, that is the law, a law deaf quote as well, parents, after all, have to care and protect and do the best for that child they are able.  Ditto deaf parents who can do the same.  Would they deafen a hearing child, I think not! or consider a down's child is not worth having? erm yes according to this video. Disappointing is the mildest term I can use here and put it down to ignorance frankly.   Children aren't a political statement.  The 'Brave New World' is inclusion, not separatism.  It means that IF a cure presents itself then we allow the choice to take it or not.  I have no doubt 10m HoH Brits would take it.