Friday, 15 January 2021

You're banned!


She swore at an idiot now banned, how many of us have been taunted to do that!    The poster needs to ID trhe site as one to avoid.  We need deaf and HoH to know we aren't' going to tolerate these people their sites or their 'Trump democracy'.

When you see some of the stuff that is posted then see someone has been banned for something pretty harmless it is rather confusing. Weird fb.

ATR:  I believe I hold the online record in the UK still being banned from 2 deaf sites after 6 YEARS. Some of these sites are run by Hitler clones, who bask in the adoration of other wannabees, it is sad because they deny deaf or others a place to see both sides of any question.   I had to leave my country in (UK), to be still online via an American Aggregate, some of these clowns followed ATR there and lambasted the aggregate for allowing me to post.

A  right to disagree has to be upheld.  All too often those losing their point can resort to baiting others to get them banned and to cement the view they were right, and you, were wrong.  If the responses heat up then the accusations of you being personally abusive, racist, homophobic, tone-deaf, (from people who have never heard a tone in their life),  discriminating, are a deaf or disability hater, any ist or ism, you are the personification of them, short of being convicted as a mass serial killer it gets no worse.  All because your view differed from theirs.

They are the homes of isolation and extremism, don't be fooled by the suggestion they are people like you they aren't. They are the 'Janus' sites forever presenting two faces.  That is the bait to lure you in. So long as you stick to the 'rules' they invent interpretation of, all is fine, disagree, then you are out. 

Sites to avoid in the UK are the BDA/Deaf EU/Deaf UK ones, hotbeds of real discrimination and purveyors of lies who don't allow discourse, you support what they do or you don't, if you don't you are out.

True there are many misconceptions of charitable, media, and dedicated deaf sites, to a lesser degree Hard of Hearing ones.  E.G.  The RNID closed down social media, and forum feedback areas, they don't allow open criticism or constructive criticisms to be aired.  The BBC removed all their deaf SEE HEAR and disability feedback sites too.

Users are not allowed to disagree and must remain obliged they even get a mention.   The net is not a free platform for everyone, it is more closed than most. 

The sad issue is that deaf are being deprived on awareness, and just fed a constant diet of hate against hearing people or criticism their right to be a hidden minority fully supported by those they want to ignore isn't playing the game.  Many are fake/distorted news sites and one-sided views of deaf want or need.  All presumably based on what these losers think what news deaf get assures their continuation as big fish in small pools.

They will use 'facts' and stats to bolster their stance, but don't allow other equally valid facts to counter them being seen.