Tuesday, 19 January 2021

White Favouritism?

The problem isn't white people or white privilege, but poor democracy and those who actually believe you can legislate equality and acceptance, and then label other people racists because it failed, it has never worked.  Attempts to replace 'white privilege' with ethnic preferential status and treatment for others is a recipe for angst as well.  To suggest White people don't have issues of discrimination or persecutions and are never poor etc is rubbish, of course, they do.

90% of real discrimination comes from two primary areas, Focus groups and biased campaigns based on blaming others, which make matters worse (Like BLM and Deaf culture e.g.), hijacked day one by vested interests and surprise surprise NOTHING has changed.  Unlike the USA, British police don't make a pastime of shooting black people, but still being blamed for it.

If like most you are fed up apologising for being who you are then this video is yet another hand-wringing, let us blame white people for everything vid.  Every ethnic/disabled/religious/political area has its own norms and such, some of these norms are probably not ones we want to go with, to assume they can insist we do is unrealistic.

I have a simple approach if people are fine with me, I am fine with them, but I reserve the right to say no to something I don't agree with and friends choose each other not have to ask a panel first.  To suggest  Black or ethnic areas don't discriminate is a lie plain and simple of course they do.  Black slavers existed and are documented. They know it, we are stopped from saying we know it too, because if we highlight it, then that is discrimination. Stop the world we all want off it.

Too many laws too many claiming discrimination, and too much democracy that ignores common sense.  When BLM took to the streets vandalism ensured, covid rules were ignored, and then we saw white people in media going out searching for black people as presenters and such, the BBC threw £100m at them to promote black history, which ended with Lenny Henry a black comedian who last had a hit in 1980, getting a TV program about Black classical music,  One London TV soap opera the game is to spot an actual white person or someone that hasn't a very real problem.  The point being 'white people' DON'T watch such programs because obviously, they won't relate to it.

As a point of awareness and inclusion can someone please explain how it all works? All the TV  presenters suddenly started having ethnic names and faces too. This suggests not inclusion but bowing to focus group and campaign pressures, and trying to look diverse which they apparently weren't the last 60 years and nobody complained then.  Sad, they believe it a success, but obviously unaware we can switch them off our TV sets, or change channels, and simply socialise with other white people regardless, and the black/ethnic rights can do the same, so social exclusion is a right already.  Now everyone has a goalpost to fire at.

Do we as 'white' people demand they cannot have that cake and stop us eating it too?   Do we object to ethnic only areas and systems etc which reinforce their chosen 'way of life'? as contributing to their own exclusion by choice? All black people together, all white people together, all deaf together, all disabled together?   This is how it is proceeding, people need to stop and smell the coffee and realise where it is all heading.

A multi-cultural set up where everyone does own thing and inclusion never happens.  As ever be careful what you wish for.