Friday, 22 January 2021

Deaf Anthology question raised in London..

It's a rare occasion when Westminster in London acknowledges the deaf or American deaf at all, it is only since we got rid of Europe we have taken an interest in the Americas, and bleached Kentucky Chicken wings to be honest. We get all the drugs we need from the middle east and Russian mafioso now Marseille and Holland are non-persona grata.

ATR apologises for some caption speed issues, this is down to UK-USA issues and the UK being about 40 years behind everyone else, and I forgot to put the clocks back to BST.  You will need to play the video back at half speed which is the way the UK do it.  We would have included sign interpretation but unfortunately, there is a UK political negative on BSL (and ATR hasn't a clue what ASL is).  ATR, of course, is deeply obliged to the USA as the home of the refugee and safe home for migrant deaf fleeing from persecution and BSL forced indoctrination, for the opportunity to speak, God Bless the USA (Well bits of it anyway).

ATR extends its support for Mr Bidet, and trust it all doesn't go down the pan later.  ATR assures American readers he has no intention of accepting the Queen's pardon, I never liked England anyway. As regards to dissing the USA president, I claim the 5th (And any other amendment that stops me being impeached), and 74m also disagree so fair play....  

I did send a pardon request to Donald but it got there too late and he was off playing golf somewhere.  Maybe I'll try again when he comes back.