Monday, 8 February 2021

The Ear Logo: Dated and invalid now?


#1 The sticker is a great idea except that it may confuse hearing people into thinking they need to speak louder to you. Plus not everyone wears hearing aids.

#2  Not everyone lip-reads or signs! the 'ear' logo is no longer valid really.  There is no one size/image fits all so no one image to suggest what your issue is, it is meaningless in identifying what format you need to follow.  

#3 Most hearing people assume it means you are DEAF and this was not the point of the logo which as memory recalls was designed FOR hearing aid users.  

#4  If you add a hearing aid, then others will want a sign language indicator or a lip-reading icon as well, we are in all sorts of misunderstanding of areas then because we may just use one format or, a combination of all of them.  Hearing/mainstream will simply be unaware of what the labels mean or what support you need.

#5 I  am tempted to follow the 'Disabled' view who tend to complain the wheelchair is not a valid representation any more of them either, icons have become 'labels' and we don't agree with those now, only Americans worship and keep creating terms and labelling.

#6  Masks are a contentious issue, not everyone agrees with deaf demands to remove them or even to provide clear masks because lip-reading is so poor amidst the deaf and HoH community anyway.

#7  True, the amount of benefit to be gained from the clear mask is pretty limited, statistically, less than 5% would benefit, and none of these clear masks are clinical protection from covid without social distancing too.

#8  Abroad they are now wearing TWO masks, the mind boggles...