Friday, 12 February 2021

EU and clear masks.


Firstly the UK is no longer part of the EU.   Statistics regarding clear mask demands or take up, are virtual nil, only hearsay and coming from charitable campaign areas in the UK.  The UK NHS has so far recorded little or no demand for clear masks as such from deaf themselves.  

Current DIY clear masks are useless as any sort of covid protection and won't get you admittance to a hospital or such because they don't meet safety criteria.  Deaf demanding mask removals are not going to get that it is currently illegal.  During 2020 there was no supplier in the UK who manufactured covid compliant clear face masks.  We are told one UK manufacturer is now considering it, they will, of course, be very expensive for deaf people to be acceptable in any health area.

The video we were unable to show you, it is currently unavailable to show here due to the fact we are no longer 'Europeans' the whole point seems to be lost regarding as to why a BSL signed video for Europe is not even accessible TO the people it is talking about.  Given BSL interpreters are not wearing clear masks and indeed showing huge reluctance to support deaf in a medical environment clear mask requirements are down to personal choice, and non-admissions to hospitals. Deaf support has to wear PPE compliant masking as well.  So far what we see is sign use at 'distance' social distancing.

The World Deaf set up in Europe hasn't much of a following anywhere else.   Their claim and listing the UK as accepting sign language as a law is also incorrect, only 2 areas of the UK have a 'BSL Act' (N.Ireland, and Scotland), the other 2 largest areas (England and Wales), are unlikely to do the same, given e.g. Wales has no deaf schools at all.   

Recognition isn't legal empowerment, but a basis for one, the UK accepted BSL via an EU Diktat 15 years ago it is still not legally enforceable in education or many other essential areas, because choice is paramount and, numerical demand has to be seen.  The EU has made many mistakes recently including penalising Irish people for the UK leaving raising fears of conflict, this is yet another one.

The burning issue is why various areas demanding clear masks are not themselves wearing them?  Whilst UK restrictions continue to apply there is little or no 'face to face' meetings of deaf people, and the use of video does not require them to wear one.  So far no NHS area is recording demands from deaf people for clear masks, as stated PPE compliant ones were/are simply not available.

Initial views are that those wanting a clear PPE mask (The deaf), are unable to get them anyway because any priority would go to the NHS first.