Monday, 15 February 2021

BSL the costs....

Some aggravations and frustrations at deaf people poking fun at hearing in deliberate attempts to inflame, or at least reinforce their case of deaf discrimination.  Then they add where to get online amateur BSL lessons that are not recognised by any agency. Social media readers NOT amused!

#1 It's a ridiculous attempt to sound elite and superior by a sector almost totally reliant ON hearing people to follow everyone else.  I'm all for people promoting their own area if that is what they want, but they are NOT doing awareness and just being silly.  How taking the Michael out of people who are enabling them helps, they never explain and they never provide 'proof' either.  

#2  Once you explain to people you cannot hear them most are helpful, it is those who who are deaf and sign claiming discrimination whilst never making viable attempts to include themselves who are making waves, all they seem to want is some glorious isolation where all their peers sign like them, obviously, that is neither inclusion or indeed, inclusive either, the world is 'out there' not 'In' their own sphere of living.  There are over 6,500 languages in the world!

#3 They lack the confidence to put BSL to the 'test' in the mainstream so play the blame game all the time, it is encouraging more young deaf are not going with that any more.  All is mostly negative hype about sign and culture by people making a living from it, so promotion no matter how it is done works for them.  

#4  More reliance, means more support, means more jobs for others, more charities, you get the idea!  

#5  Whilst sign IS an aid for deaf people to access other means hearing use, this isn't what it is being used for.  Deaf educational attainment is still pretty dire.  

#6  Teaching a child sign only is priming them to fail, this isn't how enablement works.  It is ensuring deaf culture does. TC (Total Communication), is the only way ahead.  Sign is promoted as a 'novelty' this is not how a child takes this up, and uses it determines their place in life.  

#7 They need only to look at adult deaf trapped in their own social bubbles with no way out, to see it doesn't.  The best deaf school in the UK is an oral-based one, this isn't promoting anti-sign, but stating the reality.  

#8 When in Rome etc.... To complain it is about choice is not relative in child education.  That's a deaf political statement by people who never had the choice anyway.  

#9 The sour grapes approach to awareness.

ATR Background: 

The real cost of acquiring BSL by hearing people:

(1) Qualifications.

(2) Tests.

(3) How much do BSL interpreters earn?

You would usually work irregular hours, which may include evenings and weekends. Fees and salaries for BSL interpreters vary widely depending on experience, employer and location. As a guide, full-time interpreters can earn between £20,000 and £35,000 a year. Freelance interpreters can earn between £20 and £30 an hour, or even 4 times that in London, regional costs vary considerably as does the demand, and availability of BSL interpreters.  

Travel costs are also added to that support, some interpreters can demand  2hrs minimum fees to make to worth their while. The 'freelance' nature of BSL support is also a huge issue as systems attempt to normalise BSL support and set standard rates/fees, part-time BSL Interpreters feel they are being undermined by lower-wage demands from systems.  Albeit many deaf feel establishing an adequate and reliable support system is more preferable to the random approaches that go on at present and cause support issues.  Often reported as 'systems refusing BSL help' incorrectly.

Other fees/registrations. 

Forget the ABC online! this is what you will need to work with deaf signers.

Demand for BSL?

Next to no statistics are recorded

We haven't included BSL overall training and test costs because they won't print them in case people are put off. 

Demand Areas:

(1)  Primary demand for BSL support is access to the NHS/999 and state/LA systems.  

(2)  No demand exists for hearing-deaf integration/access at all which raises the question of why so many charities are asking for funds to do that?  When Deaf obviously prefer their own area.

Deaf BSL users claim the highest rates of access to work welfare allowances of any disabled sector in the UK.  Where, are they losing out?