Friday, 5 March 2021

Getting a job being deaf.

The thing about making a living on youtube is deaf are not pitching IN the mainstream face to face with hearing people, so a bit of a cop out really, deaf are still isolated still working for themselves still not included in mainstream workplaces. 

Don't make too much of being deaf, plug your abilities, no employer wants 'the lecture', it will kill your CV and job application.  DON'T turn up with an interpreter, it suggests you cannot do the work you apply for on your own.

Employers want to know what YOU can do for THEM, not, what THEY have to do for YOU, support follows when they can see the ability, willingness, and work rate. Of course, currently, COVID has meant jobs aren't there anyway so deaf adapt like everyone else. As stated oral deaf will get a priority.  How that is addressed has to be done at day one.