Sunday, 7 March 2021

Toward an inclusive society.

Including deaf who don't want inclusion is the West's issue, rather than inclusive, deaf rights determine it becomes EX-clusive and thus relative and runs somewhat unevenly alongside in a parallel fashion. Integration is not a part of deaf inclusion.  Inclusion is not viewed the same way as most understand it, with the deaf having their own limited version of it and using 3rd parties to access anything else they just 'visit' society.

A British female prime minister once stated there is no such thing as 'society'. Modern and flawed Human rights Law endorses a right NOT to be part of it. We could all end up in our own tiny world theoretically and reject what works for others if we so choose.  A sort of legalised discrimination governed by the loudest minority voice. As everyone is different then everyone is a minority and it then becomes dangerously unviable or confrontational.  'One man's meat' etc.

The issue has little or nothing to do with culture as the UK has less than point 2% actually with a deaf heritage.  That other deaf allude to the same status because they are deaf is tenuous a link at best.  In the third world, the reality is you DIY or get nothing, whereas in the UK /USA this isn't the same case at all.

There are too many variables of loss degree and communication formats and effectiveness for any 'global' statement to be made on inclusion or society, and especially given the deaf have established alternatives that they feel already works for them.