Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Wales Hasn't passed a BSL Bill

After ATR raised concerns on deaf social media at 4 leading UK hearing loss charities claiming Wales had opted for a BSL Bill, they are now apologising for not reading it was just a proposal, not a vote on accepting a Bill.

NRDCP accepted they incorrectly (Thank you), put on Twitter Wales had adopted a BSL Bill.   Can the BDA et al now stop misleading the public on this issue, England hasn't accepted a BSL Bill either.  An apology to ATR won't do, they need to withdraw support for this Bill on the grounds they never even read its contents or understood them.  The fact the proposer is now backtracking also, has meant there are requests to withdraw the proposal as it stands.

To ATR: Hi there, we've just done some checks on the information - you are correct. It has recently been clarified by the politician who made the motion. Thank you for the heads up!