Friday, 19 March 2021

How to write in BSL

Here is the BSL ABC, good luck trying to write or read reference books written with that!  How does 'SIGN SOLUTIONS' expect to enable deaf who cannot write or read plain English or, the BSL version and its grammar?  (Perhaps the clue is in what they do, i.e. sell a BSL interpretation service!).

Surely translating text to sign does little to enable deaf to read and write it?  Why bother when SS is doing it for them?  Perhaps try the USA approach? (But you may need a rosetta stone first)...

When will the deaf activism of the signing ilk join the real world?  If they can campaign and lobby IN written English have they already lost the plot?  Ignorance is illiteracy.

Enabling captions on Chrome...

The Census Question on Sign Language (England).

Find below HOW the question is asked.

What is your main language? (If you live in England).

If you are completing the paper census questionnaire please use the paper census guidance. Only give one answer. If you're not sure what your main language is, think about the language you use most naturally. It could be the language you use at home.

If you select "Other", you will be asked how well you speak English in the next question. When you start typing, suggested answers will appear. You can select from this list or continue typing your own answer if your main language isn't listed.

Sign languages

If a sign language (such as British Sign Language) is your main language, select "Other" and enter the name of the sign language.

ATR: Quite obviously the question is a 'loaded' mess, as it doesn't define proficiency, usage, or if even you are deaf or not.  As a 'guide' to defining future access and support needs, pointless and wide open to abuse too.


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