Wednesday, 31 March 2021

BDA and RNID lied about BSL?

The Charity Claims

The Government official survey.

The British Government survey declares charitable statistics on BSL usage and support demands are unproven, even sheer guesswork or hype. Although the survey is 4 years old has there really been a huge explosion of people being born deaf since?  Not so, health stats don't support that either!  The BDA quadrupled its figures!

The Deaf/deaf community

Deaf Community from Shelly Thach on Vimeo.

A conundrum given the 'deaf' don't have one!  Sadly yet another video on the community that is at odds with their own belief and definitions, encompassing yet again EVERYONE who aspires or claims deafness to be part of this  'community' whose membership varies depending on who goes online with it and if they sign or not.

It is really important those who think ears are just for hanging spectacles on, don't suggest everyone with hearing loss thinks the same as they do, in reality in the UK 10m disagree! 'deaf' don't have a culture, it is those aspiring to Deaf that does that.  Sadly these grammatical errors are proving a real handicap to highlighting hearing loss and its awareness, as the relentless online plug for culture attempt to label everyone.

I am not blind, but you don't see born blind claiming everyone with a sight loss is the same as them...